BDSM and The Main Stream

While skimming channels last night I cam across a movie on lifetime. To my surprise there was this bdsm movie on. I couldn’t believe my eyes. More so stunning… the TV-MA rating. On lifetime? NO WAY!!

Really. No way. There was nothing TV-MA in the entire two hours. Do I need to say how disappointing that was.

It got me thinking. Why in the world did they rate this show the way they did, and add a “viewer discretion advised” after EVERY commercial break. Then it dawned on me. It was the subject matter. Why is that simply mentioning ‘dominant, submissive, switch’, or showing a woman walking into a sex club, or someone holding up a shiny red collar so horrid that people should be warned of the vulgarity of it all. I was offended.

Then someone talked some sense into me. Now, instead of being offended I choose to appreciate the fact that my chosen lifestyle is no longer being portrayed in a way that demeans it. I can appreciate the fact that they chose a decent Dominant for the story line in that he was Dominant and not domineering. That his Dominance came from a desire to aid his submissive in being the best version of herself possible.

There is something to celebrate now with BDSM hitting main stream television.