Today I Am Thankful for. . .

Here is my short list.

My son.

My man, my Dom, my lover, and my best friend in the whole wide world.

Orgasms, honestly, where would we all be without them?

My teeth, because without them I’d have a hard time pigging out today.

My parents for traveling with me, so the mother and I could continue our black friday tradition, another week of so excited I can barely contain myself.

My dear dear TBS superstation, for promising to play a Christmas story yet again this year, the days will fly fast.

Last, but not least, I am thankful for my future mother in law not making my life miserable. Apparently this new shiny ring has super powers!


Happy thanksgiving everyone!


Tipsy, yet again

So here is the deal. I found this new mexican food place. It has Tequila in the name.  It makes the best margaritas I have ever had in my life. Thankyfully I am not as out of it as last time. I am not sure if it is because I had steak tonight, or because I had just one large margarita, instead of a large and a small. I feel really good again. I am noticings that I tend to run my fingers through my hair like crazy when I have been drinking.


Moving on.

Tomorrow I have to hop on a plane to Hilton Head, to be with the wicked with of the east. (don’t tell Jackson I called his mom that)

My goodness I love this place. I feel soo good again. I am sitting on the couch with my left leg over the armrest. I want touch myself really bad, because I am all exposed, but I’d be in trouble for that. I guess I didn’t drink enough to forget all the rules my dear dom has imposed on me. SO I will just sit here wishing he was here to put his head right there, and let his tongue do that grlorious work that it does.

His, Always Will Be

After writing What Makes Him Sexy I wrote a letter to Jackson. I wanted to make sure I wrote it in the midst of my emotions. I would have shared it here, but he said I am not allowed. That letter is his, and his alone.  He did however, say that the letter I received from him the next day, is mine, and I may share it if I wish. I do wish, not in its entirety but a lot of it.

‘Before Dad passed he said that every man has two brains. Quit smirking. Dad told me that if I was ever lucky enough to find a woman that stimulated both, she was a keeper. The first time I saw you, you were dancing on the pole with Jen. Brain stimuli. I couldn’t figure out what Mike thought trying to hook us up. Pick your mouth up off the floor I know you thought our first date was my first sighting of you.

I took his advice, I asked you out. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. On our first date, you started ranting about something, I hate I can’t remember what it was. I thought it was so funny that you wouldn’t shut up. At the same time I couldn’t stop listening to you. The way you laughed at your own jokes. The way you took me to school that ONE time.  Not afraid to show your intellect on a first date. Brain stimuli. I liked you a lot and my dad’s voice kept ringing in my ears.

When we spent our first weekend away together your trust in me was intoxicating. All the things you allowed me to do to you. The power you gave me. When you finally divulged your past, your submission meant so much more.  I couldn’t believe how strong you were.You reminded me of my mother. I know that makes you cringe. You two are so much alike. Stop cringing or I will spank you. That weekend I knew I loved you.

Over the years you made me feel more love than I ever knew I could. My love for you grew, into adoration. The person you are everyday, the lover you are to me, the wonderful mother you are to our son. Our son. Don’t ever say I love him as my own again. He is mine, always will be, just like you.’

He sent the letter to my job, the bastard. I had to go all the way to the main entrance to get it along with the flowers he sent me. When I got back to my desk I read it, and a few renegade tears hit the paper.

The next day was phenomenal…

I am back!

I am home and unpacked. I have a few things to write. One is I am surprised at how much I missed writing some decent posts. It is good to let out a decent rant every now and then, but I am happy to be home. Here I can write something I feel worth while. More to come later today I have to do some post vacation shopping. Does anyone else hate coming home to the fridge you purposely emptied before the vacation, and now there is nothing to eat in the house. Sigh, pros and cons of travel. Write to you guys soon!

P.S. I am jonesing for some quinoa salad.

AHHHH- yea, that sums it up

When you start to live with someone, you have to start splitting the holidays. I am not the only one with a “future mother in law” that is so hard to deal with. So today this space is for me to rant, and rave, to someone besides my man. I honestly feel sorry for him having to listen to the both of us bicker about the other.

I try to be respectful, I really do, but the from Memorial day to Labor Day and every holiday/ family weekend in between is spent at a resort in Hilton Head close to the family condo. I can only take so much! The fact that I am not family, just a ” fornicating live in” gives her cause to make my life hell. I can’t stay at the family condo so we have to rent a room.

If I don’t cook, I am not pulling me weight. What weight I have no idea since I can’t stay with them.

If I cook, then I am cooking in her kitchen, and I screw everything up.

If I don’t want to do what the family is doing then I am not a team player.

If I go with the family, then I have to hear about my fornicating live in status and how I shouldn’t be here.

AHHHH, I need one hell of a stress relief session ASAP

Why do I do this to myself????? Oh right, stupid Love.



There are two phones that live on his night stand. The one that he uses all the time, and the other one. The “emergency” one. I ABHOR the “emergency” phone. Let me tell you why: 30 minutes ago I was in my office. I was paying bills, and confirming reservations for this coming week. He came in and sat in the big comfy chair in the corner. I looked up, just seeing him makes me smile.

“How was your nap?” I inquired.

“Good, what are you up to?”

“Ensuring the lights stay on. Making sure everything is set for Tuesday. If we get bumped from the ocean view side again I will murder someone.”

“That will make everyone’s Fourth. My mother will really love you then.” he replied sarcastically.

I laughed softly, irked by the thought of his mother. “What’s up babe?”

“Nothing, just watching you work.”

Finishing the last bill, I logged out, closed my lap top, and strutted over to him. He was wearing his red Saturday boxers. I dropped to my knees in front him. I raised my hands to his chest, felt the smooth firmness of his muscles. Moving down, my hands rolled over his abs. I inhaled deeply, slowly letting my breath out. My god just sitting, he makes me want him and he knows it.

“Take me to bed,” I pleaded coming to a stand.

He stood, smiling, “yes maam” he replied, making me giggle.

“I may get used to this “yes maam” thing”, I said as he picked me up.

“Don’t get too used to it,” he warned. I yelped as he slapped my ass.

“Never” I said, wrapping my legs around him before kissing him as he carried me up the hallway to our room. He sat me on the bed, and I began to take my tank off. Suddenly the phone rang. My head hung. He put up a finger silently requesting me to hold, and went to answer it. As I listened to the short conversation, I slipped my tank back over my head. When he disconnected the call, he looked at me.

“Emergency” he said, kissing me on the forehead before walking to the closet.

“But I have an emergency” I pouted.

“That pussy of yours is always in a state of emergency.” He grinned.

I laughed, watching him dress, “I can’t exactly disagree with that, but it’s not my fault.”

“Of course not, it always comes back to me.”

“Arrogant ass!” I yelled  as he headed downstairs. I trailed after him.

“You love my arrogant ass!” He yelled back. I rolled my eyes at his reply.I love almost everything about him.

He grabbed his keys “hurry home sweety” I said missing him already.

“I always hurry home to you,” he said turning towards me. Leaning in he kissed me, not a goodbye kiss, but an “I need you as much as you need me and I want you to know it” kiss. My legs felt as if they were about give out, as his hands cupped and squeezed me behind. Then he was gone. Now I am here writing, and wanting.

I ABHOR the “Emergency” phone.


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