What Kind of Sex Was That?

Thursday night if you are regular reader you know was the premier of Breaking Dawn pt. 2 and I went. You also know that before the movie I was conflicted with my feelings of glee and apprehension. Glee because the year had passed so quickly and this date finally came. Apprehension because this was the final movie, and it was going to be all over after.

I watched in awe, and horror, and many other emotions, and when it was over, I kissed one of my girlfriends good night and got my in car. I was struggling with my feelings like an idiot I know. —-Sidenote, am I the only one that has a serious issue using hands free in the car. It is all good when I dial from my phone, but as far as dialing from the car itself i.e.”call dad home” gave me something completely different, and called someone’s whose number should honestly be deleted from my phone I couldn’t hit the end button fast enough—–back to story. I called another friend that didn’t get to come with us. In the middle of that conversation Jackson called. “You on your way home?”

“Yes two minutes out.”

“What is wrong?”

“It is all over?”

“The movie?”

“Yes” I could hear his sharp inhale through the phone, and him shaking his head at me.

“There is something wrong with you”

“I know, I’d like a Captain standing at attention to fix me.” he chuckled.

“Demanding, I think you are a sex addict.” I gasped on cue to that rude comment such allegations. “Is that you pulling in?”

“Yes sir.” I know that made him smile 🙂 “If I was a sex addict I would have had my hand down someones pants at the theater.”

“You would have if you didn’t have me to stop you.”

“You weren’t there.” I say walking in the door.

“Baby, I am always there.” he says turning to smile at me. We hang disconnect the calls, and I head up stairs. I did my nightly routine and headed to bed in my tank and one of my fave pairs of boy shorts. ( hey ladies do you have your fave pairs of panties? I am sure I am not the only one, and different faves for different things..I digress)  I grabbed my compy to write a little bit before the night was over. I wrote to you guys. My feelings were all over the place, because of a movie. I am the first to admit that is a bit crazy, but it is what it is. I finished up, tucked my laptop away. Jackson joined me in our room.

“How I am a sex addict?”

“I am no psychologist, but when you use a proxy like alcohol, drugs…sex to deal with your feelings. Think about it, happy sex, angry sexy, bored sex, morning sex, sex when you can’t sleep, sex before a big proposal and your nerves are shot, Lola has needs sex. You should really use your words instead of my cock all the time”

“Who are you and what you have done with my man?”

“He is still here, and willing to serve you, simply stating a fact.” That made me grin, I quickly moved to straddle him. gyrating slow and hard against him. The perfect lovely feeling of him growing beneath me. His hands moving up my thighs, under my shirt and to my breasts, squeezing them, my nipples finding their way between his fingers as he applied pressure. Moans escaping my lips, the look in his eyes instantly making me wet. THAT look, that makes everything in the world disappear into oblivion.

I pulled back from his touch and moved down the bed a bit, pulling his boxers with me. Releasing my sgt, standing so brilliantly, waiting for me. He sat up on his elbows watching my move back towards him.

“He is all yours” he said.

“Well how kind of you dear…. so I can do this…” I said taking his cock in my hand, stroking it, feeling it, the smoothness, the firmness, the ripples, each vein that screams power of anatomy, power over me, perfection even in the slight curve,  the tip, calling out to my tongue, ahh I love the way he feels in my mouth. Without a fight I give in and my tongue caresses the tip. A sweet bead of what is to come inviting me for more. My tongue slides up and down his shaft, mixed with kisses of adoration. I try to bid my time teasing him but I can’t take it anymore and one slip and he is inside my mouth, sliding down the back of my throat. My lips close around him. I suck hard, my tongue moving against him as I suck. He tastes good.

As I start to move faster, getting caught up in the way he feels inside me, he stops me. His hands gripping my hair brutally.

“That is enough.” in that tone.

Immediately humbled, and saddened that I had to stop, “yes sir” I squeaked. He got up and walked to the chest. I smiled big.

“On your knees ass in the air” I moved quickly and obediently. I saw the silver plug when he set it down next to me. yaaa I thought. His hand caressed my bottom as suddenly he pushed a finger  inside my pussy. mmm slowly he started fucking me with his fingers, adding a second, and then a third. My hips moving with his fingers. I don’t know when he stopped massaging my ass, but when his hand returned to my left cheek it came with burning fire.


“Don’t count I want you quiet.”

His fingers disappeared from my pussy, and I felt the wetness right there as his finger moved slowly into my ass, massaging my insides.  “Mmm”

“Don’t make me have to gag you”

“Yes sir”

He continued in the same way he did with my pussy adding a second finger, and finally a third stretching me before stopping and inserting the cold plug. With the pleasure came the pain. Each hand rained down on me in succession. One after the other. Leaving my ass burning and stinging more than the last time. My teeth clenched trying so hard not to make a sound.

The bed sank a bit with added weight, and I felt him on me. Against my sweaty back. He kissed my shoulder. “Not a sound”

damnit damnit damnit ooooo yes That perfect hardness slid inside me, inch by god given inch. Filling me, stretching me, so good. When he started to move faster, sliding in and out of me I started to lose it much too quickly in my opinion. How can he expect me to be quiet through this? I closed my teeth around the flesh in my arm as I started to reach, and as I finally came he pulled the plug out and I died. I felt that special warmth of his. My head heavy, hit the bed, and I started to catch my breath. what kind of sex was that? I thought silently. Can I talk now? Better not…



He Left Me

I had finished loading the dishwasher, and continued washing the pots and pans from dinner. I thought Jackson was watching Batman with my baby boy, but he wasn’t. I felt his arms snake around me, and his lips found their way to my ear, making me grin.

“hello” his response came only in the sensation of my ear lobe, between his teeth. I moaned a little too loud considering the not too distant child.


I leaned back into him, as his right hand, splayed across my abs, moved lower, and lower. My heartbeat hastened from his touch, and finally his fingers met their destination, moving in small circles against my clitoris? I tried to be quiet, but it was torture. All too soon, his hands, and mouth were gone.

“Pick a plug for tonight,” he said walking away. I was excited immediately, getting to play during the week, and so unexpected. I finished the dishes, and continued on with my night, until I heard that occasional ring. OH No I thought.

I was right, OH NO!!. The emergency phone strikes yet again at the worst time possible. So instead of being used and wonderfully abused tonight. I am writing, before I pass out.

Web of Ties~Pt. 2

Read Part 1

Sliding out of my pussy the dildo made a sloppy sound, and I could feel the juices seeping from my body. My head was reeling, how many times will she make me cum? I thought. Feeling Rachel’s lips encircling my clit, the words escaped my lips before I could stop them. “Rachel please! I need a minute.”

“You need a minute?”

“Yes just give me one minute.”

“Scream my name, and I will give you two.”

“I did scream your name,” I said panting.

Rachel’s head lifted, our eyes meeting, “No baby, not like that, you know how,” her head lowered again, blowing against my pussy “you know what I want to hear, I won’t stop until…” she trails off her tongue flicking my clit. My nails digging and clawing at the sheets on her bed. “How does it feel?”

“It feels good, baby you know it feels good, you always feel soooo good GOD”

“You’re getting close, again, I can feel it right here” she said sliding her fingers inside me hitting my spot.

“Ra…Rachel! Right there…YES Rachel!” I screamed as I came again my body a quivering display of weakness and pleasure. Smiling up at me she asked,

“Was that so hard?”

Before I could respond there was a knock on the door.

“Oh girls, I hate to interrupt but you need to wash up for dinner.”

“Thanks mom!” Rachel yelled after her irritated. I could feel the heat in my cheeks knowing Mrs. Rhodes hear us. I pulled Rachel up, kissing her deeply, thanking her for the day. Our tongues playing a game of tag and seek, tasting myself on her lips. She broke away grinning, “To the shower, I want to watch you unravel one more time before dinner.”


“Dinner was great Helen I had no idea Rachel was a fan of Greek food. I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot about her on this visit.”

“Oh if you want stories dear, I have them, “her mother exclaimed clapping.

Charles chimed in “Maybe you shouldn’t be so anxious to embarrass your daughter Helen.”

“Oh but this is my job as a parent, to embarrass her in front of the boyfriend, well girlfriend excuse me.” She giggled.

I was falling for Rachel’s mother already. She was bright and fun loving. Full of life and joy. I could see where Rachel gets it from. I silently wished my family could be so loving, so accepting of this life I’ve chosen. My thoughts are interrupted by Charles.

“So I hear you and Rachel are planning to paint this small town red tonight.”

I glance at Rachel, my eyebrows raised, “painting it red, oh I don’t know about all that sir. I do want to go dancing though. I may be able to drag your daughter onto the dance floor for a few songs.”

“You’re a dancer?” Helen asked placing far too big of a piece of pound cake in front of me.

“Occasionally.” I smile “I wouldn’t call myself a dancer though, every once in a while on the weekend, at special events, weddings and such. I do love line dancing though.”

“Oh Gina, you will have to teach our daughter, that girl has two left feet.”

“Well from whom did I get these two left feet mother?”

“We are not talking about me my dear.”

“Of course not mother.” Taking Rachel’s hand in mine, caressing it with the back of my thumb calming her. She has such a hot cold relationship with her mother, I can’t quite figure it out.

“You girls go ahead and get out of here. I hope Rachel continues to show you a good time Gina.”

My eyes shot to his catching his meaning. “Thank you Charles, I am sure we will have fun.” We headed back to Rachel’s room, and she threw on this green dress, that made her red hair glow. I love touching it, and can’t resist, my fingers are drawn to it. I reach out for it, pulling her head to me again to kiss those perfect lips.

“Uh Uh, I can tell what you’re thinking, later.”

“Promise?” I said threw narrowed eyes and a grin.

“Promise. That blue looks great on you by the way. Now grab your purse we are going to be late.”

“Late for what?”

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” she said as we walked out the door.

Dear Fellow Submissives

Do you ever do things purposely you know will get your D going? For some reason I feel it is against Sub rules, but I do enjoy it. Here is how it went:

Yesterday I was watching 50/50. There were a few moments in the movie where I came pretty close. The thing is I don’t cry. Funeral, extreme pain yea, but instigated by a movie? I don’t cry.  Then later I was watching the Change-Up, (seriously how many times can they do Freaky Friday?) but that movie almost got me going too. He was reading, while I was watching. So I am talking to Jackson, and I tell him how emotional I am being.

“I’ve felt like crying on and off all day, I am such a pussy sometimes. I thought maybe I needed a spanking, but you already gave me one today.”

He looked up from his book, raising his eyebrow. “You are a pussy. I happen to like that about you.” I gave him a half smile and went back to watching the movie. “Well you aren’t pms’ing.”  he started a few moments later.

“I know. I find it mildly disturbing that you keep better track of my period than I do.”

“I find it mildly disturbing that you don’t keep track of your period like I do.”

“If it’s not broke…” I trailed off, and went back to the movie. He left the room and when he came back he was holding my red collar and leash smiling. I looked at him and shook my head. He walked over to me, and placed the leash around the back of my neck, pulling my head towards his crotch. Looking up at him I shook my head no at him again.  He frowned down at me and released me. Then his frown moved to a grin. “What are you smiling about?” I asked.

“You practically ask me for sex, and then you say no.”

“You find that amusing?”

“I do today, that and I don not believe it is wise to push you right now.”

“You know what I think is funny?”

“Do tell.”

“I said ‘no’, and you didn’t do shit about it. Who’s the pussy now?” I grinned at him. His eyes, did that thing they do. What did I just do? I thought to myself

“Well in that case…” he trailed off in that tone, that made my pussy insta-wet.

So, I am wondering. Do other submissives do things to provoke that look and that tone?

Ten Things I couldn’t Live Without.

One of my favorite magazines Elle Decor does a “Shortlist.”  They choose a person in the design community and ask them what items they can’t live without more or less on a daily basis. Here are mine:

1. Chobani Yogurt. I don’t know what I ate for breakfast everyday before I discovered Chobani. I do know that I never want to go back. I have no clue who thought to make blood orange flavored yogurt, but I love them. Seriously, I love them.  The lemon, omg the lemon is decadent, and the mango. I can’t eat mango’s, but I can eat mango Chobani. I will quit ranting about yogurt now.

2.Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb bath pearls. There is no better fragrance in the world. I have other fragrances for the sake of not wearing the same fragrance every day. Other than that it would be flowerbomb all day everyday. The bath pearls, make you feel like you are bathing in the middle of the botanical gardens.

3. Starbucks. More specifically my MWF serving of a caramel macchiato on the rocks. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. . .

4. Moleskine notebook. I have yet to find a better place to keep my novel ideas. The characters that come to me, the scenes that appear when I am at work, at the stop light, mid-dinner they all go into my moleskine journal. It goes where I go, always.

5. Fendi Bag. Some women have shoes, I have my Fendi bags. I limit myself to two purchases a year. I cannot express the joy I feel, walking out of the store with a new bag.

6. Rabbit. Tuesday’s my  dear Sir allows me to play with myself, by myself. Occasionally I may choose another toy. I adore my rabbit, and my ice. I suppose I could chalk it up to an orgasm in general.

7. Ferrero  Rocher. Best. Chocolate. Ever. I keep trying to find something better, maybe it is out there, maybe it isn’t. I limit myself to one package every two weeks. Otherwise I wouldn’t stop eating them.

8. Spa Day. After weeks of being so wonderfully beaten, bruised, and abused 🙂 A lady needs some rest, relaxation, and pampering.

9. My I-Phone. It is sort of how I stay connected to and with everything. It is a must. Plus I can play music, I’d die without music, but it sure is hard to stick to just 10 items.

10. My Bar. When we were house shopping a bar was on my list of must haves. As a single mom of a very young child I had to find a way to pay for school, keep the lights on, (I failed that one once), keep food on the table blah blah. I couldn’t afford traditional daycare, so I worked 9-2:30 bartending. I never want to forget that struggle, or lose my mad skillz, so I make sure I have a bar.


I’d make a list of all of the “other” toys, but technically none of them are mine. 🙂
What couldn’t you live without?

Lunch Date

So I am sure like many of you, I LOVE my job, most days. Today was not one of those days, today was crappy. Meeting after meeting, and then an unexpected lunch meeting, that threw off the timing on my lunch date with my dear.

Side-note: we always have our lunch dates in a parking garage on a high level where passing or parking cars are rare.

Back to story: Today when I pulled onto our level he was already out of his truck leaning against it waiting on me. I got out and handed him his sandwich and started ranting about the day. He ate, with a slightly amused expression on his face, and then I realized how rude I was being. The conversation went like this : “I am so sorry babe, how is your day going?”

“Good, closed on a Richmond house today.”

“Cool. . .(silence except the sounds from the loop)  I am trying to think of something happy and brilliant to say, I’ve got nothing”

“Get down on all fours,” he says in his non dom tone.

“Was that supposed to be happy or brilliant?”

“That’s an order,” he replied in his super dom tone

yes sir, blitz attack- cue the pussy tingles–  I moved quickly to my hands knees. He opened up the back door of his truck, pulled out a piece of plastic tarp maybe?, and placed it behind me on the concrete.

“Raise your skirt.”

I obeyed, sinking to my hands and knees, thighs pressed close together. I looked back at him, and watched him take his belt off. oh shit. He knelt down behind me, and pulled my panties down, rising again. The belt lay relaxed against me, before he started to slide it back and forth on my bottom. It felt cool against me, and then it was gone. The first blow came. The swish through the air, followed by the smack on my ass, sent burning sensations across my backside.

“One!” I yelled

“Count to five, you lead”

“Two!” The second blow was harder, I winced, my breath catching in my throat.”Three!” An even harder lash. wth??? “Four!” A blow that made me cry out “Fuck! babe”


I hesitated and another blow came, softer than number four, “Five!” The sixth blow hurt so bad I bit my lip to the point of tasting blood.

“Face to the ground, spread your legs, let your hair down”

I obeyed again, and suddenly he was kneeling behind my again, I could feel the firmness of his dick on my ass as he leaned against, pulling my hair in a tight grip, yanking my head back. He kissed my cheek, and rammed his dick inside my pussy, stilling. I let out an an assortment of intelligible words. He pulled out leaving me breathless, and then his thumb was inside me exploring, making moan.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, you need to relax.”

“Sweety here? I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“Excuse me? Telling you was a courtesy. Brace yourself.” I planted my hands more firmly, they hurt the sediments of the concrete digging into my palms and knees. Then his thumb slipped inside my ass” Before I could register it and respond, he had my face against the concrete, with my ass in the air. He thrust his cock deep inside my pussy once more, withdrew, and then pushed the head of his cock in my ass.

“OH GOD FUCK baby” I exhaled

“Shh, you don’t want anyone to hear you, RELAX” fuck him shushing me, relax, relax, relax, as I relaxed the intense pain turned to pleasure and he started to move slowly in and out of my ass. My breath quickened, between my moans of pleasure. His fingers reached my clit and he started to massage me. He moved in and out of me faster, my orgasm becoming closer, and soon I felt the warm rush of him as his fingers knotted in my hair. His fingers left my clit, and he pulled out of my ass. He stood, leaving me there. I watched, out of breath and disappointed as he walked to my car, went into my glove box, and pulled out a panty liner he knows too much. He walked back to me, placed the liner in my panties, and pulled them up. He helped me stand, and pulled my skirt to it proper place, smoothing out the bunched wrinkles. I looked at him bewildered.

“You will have a better rest of the day. Get in the car, I will fix you tonight. After a South African dinner.”

“Yea, ok.” I got in my car and drove off happy.I was looking forward to going to one of my fave restaurants, and the fun he promised  after.

P.S. Despite the literal pain in my ass, I did have a better rest of the day.



30 Days of KINK~Day 7

Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

There are so many, it is hard to choose just one. . . NOT!  My favorite toy isn’t a toy at all. It is Ice. The crescent moon shaped one that come out of my freezer door. It gives the most amazing sensation, when placed in my ass. I LOVE it! Another fine line of pleasure and pain delivered by something so simple.  It is messy as hell, grab some towels ladies and gents, but it is  beyond worth the cleanup.