How Do You Do It?

Due to a particular email I received in response to a previous post. I got to thinking about how I ask for sex. In the post, I literally ask, but that is a rare occurrence. I was that nice because he was sleep, and in that situation I am making a request. Granted, though, I would never expect him to completely turn me down, I guess he has the option. Nevermind no he doesn’t.

Usually though, my requests aren’t really requests. Just a quick flirty text, to let him know what is going to happen when I get the chance. Sometimes I completely assault him, and take what I want. That sounds bad, but he never complains.Occasionally if  I am allowed, I just masturbate until he can’t keep his hands off of me.  Other times I am seductive, and I go all out getting ready for him. I don’t really see that as asking.  I know when he sees me, there is no question, just a matter of time.

I’ve narrowed it down to three situations where I am truly asking. 1, like in the other post, when he is asleep 2, when he is working, and I know he is going to have to shuffle some things around for me, and 3, when we are some sort of public venue, and I need him to be on board.

Then I started thinking about him asking. I came to the conclusion he never asks either. Not really. He either assaults me in the most perfect ways, or he “asks” in his Dom voice, and that isn’t really a request either. If it ever is, I can’t see myself ever turning him down. Even when I am angry I don’t withhold sex. My mommy taught me that. There was never a time where my dad was kicked out of his bed. But back to the topic at hand.

In my analysis I’ve come to the realization, that neither of us has really ever said no. I don’t even say no when he asks me to go again.  I’d never put my “don’t touch me” pajamas on after I knew he was wanting some of this ( I just laughed at my use of that expression). Which has sparked more questions. Do you ever say no? Is it normal for us never to say no?  This is what happens when you don’t discuss sex with friends, you end up turning to the blogging world. 🙂
And now the original question… How do you ask for sex?

I want some!

I found this on one of my fave tumblr pages. When I did, it put a stop to my scrolling. Dead screeching halt to my scrolling.  Those legs say so much.

They say I am daring, sexy and dark. I am silky, soft and pink. I am timeless, priceless, seduction. They say, here, this is for you. Unwrap me for your pleasure, you know you want to. Come, take it. Come on, come take me. Now.