Who The Hell Are You?

For the first time today I cam across a blog that I didn’t like. Actually I think I came across a blogger I didn’t like. It was one of those moments where you can’t stop reading. Not because you love it, but you are so appalled. It started with a comment on a blog that I’ve quickly come to love.

The comment said “you wasted your time writing this. Should have reposted [my thoughts on this subject. By the way,  so everyone can read my blog here is the url] After picking my mouth up off of the hardwoods. I just got a little pissed off.

Who the hell are you to tell someone what they should or should not post on their blog.It is theirs to do what they please. I understand discussing a matter, disagreeing with a post, all of these are common human interactions. To tell someone that writing what was going on in their mind was a “waste of time.” AHHHH This has been nagging me since I read it (see the emotional monster continues)

So curiosity got the best of me, and I followed the link to this presser’s blog. More of the same attacking people and their blogs, with links as to what blogs they were attacking.  What A BITCH. I am not really one to call anyone else names. I just couldn’t believe it. My goodness they need a spanking. They need to be restrained, and fucked, and fucked, and fucked, until they are taught some manners.

So in closing of my rant I will say this. I thought this was a place where people appreciated each other sharing what is on their mind. Or they did the decent thing like someone taught them, and if they didn’t have anything good to say they didn’t say anything at all.

I’d like to personally thank my followers, and everyone else who have visited my humble virtual abode. Thank you for not coming in and complaining about the texture of my carpet, or the shade on my walls, or the length of my drapes. Thanks for coming, chatting with me, leaving words of encouragement, or telling me that you will agree to disagree. Thank you for not telling me that my feelings are a waste of time.

For all of those that I follow, thanks for posting the pics you do. Thanks for writing the musings that come to you. Thanks for sharing what you did last night. I appreciate it. So much so this little sub here would have no problem begging for you to continue. So please do. It would be a shame to make me beg.