Parental Achievements

My parents celebrated yet another anniversary, It was surprising because a couple of years I didn’t think they were going to make it. However, like most awesome couples they pulled through. They continue to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to me for my marriage.

This time of the year always brings about reflection. At first glance, I just want to focus on the future. Promise not to make the same mistakes that I have made this year. What I wanted to do today though, was to focus not on my wrongs, but on the rights. What have I done this year that makes me a better mother, wife, daughter, and person? 

As a mother I have chosen not to ignore the nagging gut feelings, the red flags, and other warning signs that tell me something is not right with my child. I have refused to be that parent that says ”

not my child”

. While I haven’t taken the steps to diagnose my son, I do know that he needs help beyond what I can give him. This will be remedied in the new year.

The other hats I wear will have to be addressed at a later date.  Always a sexy work in progress.

Today I Am Thankful for. . .

Here is my short list.

My son.

My man, my Dom, my lover, and my best friend in the whole wide world.

Orgasms, honestly, where would we all be without them?

My teeth, because without them I’d have a hard time pigging out today.

My parents for traveling with me, so the mother and I could continue our black friday tradition, another week of so excited I can barely contain myself.

My dear dear TBS superstation, for promising to play a Christmas story yet again this year, the days will fly fast.

Last, but not least, I am thankful for my future mother in law not making my life miserable. Apparently this new shiny ring has super powers!


Happy thanksgiving everyone!


How Did This Happen?

Tonight I was voted PTA president. Here is the thing, I didn’t run for PTA office. How did this happen?


(In the tune of “Here Comes the Sun)


Here comes the pa-aaper

Here comes the work

I didn’t

ask for


The time will

The time will drag me down for sure

The time will

The time will surely make me  quiver

Here comes the work

Here comes the work

I didn’t

ask for