Swapping Roles

Being a Domme is unimaginable to me. Sometimes though I feel like I get a glimpse of what it is like. Today was one of those days.

Somehow he woke up before me. While toweling off from my shower I could smell breakfast cooking. When I made it downstairs he was waiting for me, leaning with his back against the counter.

“What a surprise” I said.

“Figured you could use another good one.”

I walked over to him and kissed him, and just as my body began to crave him his hand made its way to my hair in that way that makes me weak. Tightening his grip yanked my head back making me gasp. His nose trailed up my neck and to my ear before he whispered “Eat first.” It wasn’t a request.

I turned and went to the table. “You’re not joining me?”

“No. I will eat later.” With that tone, my stomach knotted. I ate the hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon quickly. Drank my water, and passed him to place my plate and glass in the dishwasher. He left without saying a word, and sat on the couch.

I followed and straddled him, too turned on to speak, forcing myself to steady my breathing. He signaled with his eyes for me to disrobe. Lifting my long tee above my head, I watched his eyes as he gazed upon me. Watching the wheels turning in his head, deciding what he would do next.

His hands moved slowly across my flesh. From my back, to my front, up my abs, to my breast, before he grabbed each of them. He squeezed hard making me whimper, and suddenly his lips were around my nipples, sucking, nibbling, pulling.

When I finally opened my eyes, to watch him I saw it. This awe. This look of captivation. A moment where I felt like I could ask him to do anything and he would. I thought this, must be what it feels like for him to watch me worship his cock. This must be what it feels like to be a Dominant. Of course I will never know really, and I am content with that. I love that I can give that too him, and I love that every blue moon, I can see what he sees.


My Don’t Touch Me PJ’s

Last night after I finished washing the dishes and putting my baby boy to bed, I showered. Then I put on my “no touching” pajamas. I am not the only one that has these right? Ya know the granny looking flannel ones. They aren’t sexy at all. I was fully prepared, to spend the evening catching up on my TV.

When Jackson came to bed, he looked at me an grunted acquiescing to my nightwear. He respects my “don’t touch me pajamas” unless the alter ego shows, and then, well, I have no choice, that is a more rare occurrence than my grabbing my “no” pj’s. I think he just dislikes the idea of my “no” pajamas. Who knows…

I was in bed watching, he was in bed reading, an hour later he turned off his light, and kissed me good night. Mid Castle, and right before bed time, I decide to check my e-mail. Then I decided to write a post I’ve been meaning to write forever. At this point Castle has gone off, and I am halfway through the news. It is way time for bed. Then I check my reader. Mistake one, I am browsing, and reading, and then I come across this. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have clicked, but I couldn’t help myself. I get all excited whenever I see a new post on Ken’s blog, just because, well, they are always so good, and hot, very hot. The untitled series def, hot. So I click. Mistake two.

I get into my reads, esp the good ones, I put myself in the space of the writer, and there I am. This time I am feeling his tongue on my nipples, followed by his teeth sending ripples of pleasurable pain through me. I am hearing myself moan as he teases me  between my legs, licking, biting, sucking my inner thighs, torturing me with anticipation.

Aw Fuck! I did it again. I can see my nipples stretching the flannel tank top. I can feel the dampness between my legs. I finish reading. I am sitting in bed hot, and bothered, and to my right is a sleeping lover that will fix my newly gained problem. I really shouldn’t wake him up. I should really get some sleep. I am really wet. Maybe it will go away.

I finish watching the news, and the late night show. It hasn’t gone away. I look at Jackson again, I want him, right now. I resign to wake him, he will live. I finish another quick e-mail, bitching about my little predicament. Shut down my compy, and put it away. I divest of my “no pj’s” and climb back into bed. It would be much easier if he would sleep on his back. Ah well. I snuggle up behind, moving my hand under his arm, to his chest.

“Baby” I say softly, nudging him. No response… “baby I need Thor”

“odd grunting sound”

I plead with him, while moving my mouth to his neck, kissing him, “please”


“They are gone.” I say, sliding my hand down his chest, past his abs, and into his boxers.

He shifted to his back, looking at me, still half sleep. I moved quickly, a hint of a smile came across his face. He nodded, raising his hips off of the bed pushing his growing cock into my hand.

“thank you baby, I will be fast, promise” I said moving down the bed. Quickly releasing Thor and taking him into my waiting mouth, sucking him to life.
Jackson’s hand moved to left hand, holding it, letting me know he was with me,  before a gasp escaped his lips, as I moved faster. Suddenly I dragged my teeth against him.

“mmFuck Sam!” sitting up on his palms. He glared at me, I smiled up at him.

Lifting my lips from his dick, “I need you awake.” I said softly, but before I could return Thor to my mouth Jackson had me on my stomach, my face, pressed into the pillow, and his lips against my ear.

“I’m awake.” he said, not so softly, nanoseconds later he slammed inside me from behind. My moans muffled by the pillow as he rammed into me, again and again, pulling my head up by my hair so I could breathe. Fucking my cunt so hard and as I promised, I was fast, the tingles came with the white lights, with the burst of fading colors as his teeth sank into my shoulder, sensations colliding, as he filled me.

Crap, I took a shower tonight so I wouldn’t have to take one in the morning. Ah well. Serves me right. I have to stop reading before bed.

Welcome Home

Business trips can be fun. This one was not. He had been gone for days and the longing had set in. I longed to be in his presence. I longed to touch him. I longed to feel his hands against my skin. So when he walked through the door it was with great self control that I allowed him time to set his bags down. Then he was mine.


After a long shower,  I wrapped myself in my favorite fluffy towel, ran the blower through my hair, and headed to the closet to shop. The fire red pleated teddy won. I collected the garter and the pair of matching fishnets, grinning at the thought of him ripping them to shreds as he did with the last pair. I added a pair of strappy red heels and started to dress.

When I was ready I went to the mirror and smiled at the vixen staring back at me. I strategically placed four sprays of heat, and checked the flight status again. He would arrive any minute.


He cocked his left eyebrow. I knew he was thinking of the possibilities for the evening. I stepped to him, grabbing his tie with my right hand, my left hand knotting in his brown locks. Kissing away the hours upon on hours we spent apart. His back slammed against the door. I giggled at my aggression. “I missed you baby.”

“I am noticing.” I watched him intently. The rise and fall of my chest quickening.  He bent down and his hands grasped my calves. My body welcoming his touch  His hands moved up to my ass, dragging his nails against my cheeks, making me moan through clenched teeth. “This is new?” he asked of my lingerie.

“Mmhmm, welcome home” I nodded, moving my hands to his belt buckle, raising my knee slightly to brush against his erection. He stopped me. Grabbing my ass, he hoisted me up, my legs instinctively wrapping around him.

“I like,” he said appreciatively. “Where to?” he asked before invading my mouth with his tantalizing tongue.

Irritated to part from his lips I muttered,”Bed.” He carried me to our room, and tossed me on the bed, I yelped on impact. He kicked his shoes off, dropped his pants, and jumped onto the bed. We kissed again as I untied his tie, pulling it off. My fingers found the buttons on his shirt, as he kissed my neck his tongue leaving sweet bits of moisture on my skin . Pulling at the the thin pleated red fabric that covered my breasts exposing them.

His lips traveled down my collar bone and to my breast. Sharply seizing my stiff nipple between his teeth, “Oh god” I cried as pain and pleasure radiated through my body, flames engulfing my soul.

“What are you calling him for? God can’t help you,” he replied, smiling his evil smile.
He got to his knees, pulling me down with him. My ass slightly inverted resting on his thighs, my ankles resting on his shoulders. I looked up at him from my back, watching him take me in. His hands started at my ankles. Releasing my shoes, his fingers traveled torturously slow up my legs. My hands found their way to my breast, squeezing, massaging, kneading them. I watched him pull the snaps on the garter so they springed back, relieved from their tension.

Lifting my leg, he released the two underneath. He pulled the fishnets away dragging his nails against my skin, making me moan loudly, before moving to my right leg. “So, you missed me, how did Lola hold up?” he asked dragging his teeth down the ball of my foot.

“Ah! She couldn’t care less about you, but she sure missed her Thor,” I replied through barely controlled breaths and a grin.

“We will have to give the lady what she wants. Later.  Right now I want to know. . .” he trailed off, laying flat on the bed, lifting my hips, throwing my thighs over his shoulders. My breaths hastening again in anticipation of his touch. “. . .if my dear Lola can break her record,” he finished before pushing my thong to the side, and burying his face inside me. Ecstasy began.

30 Days of KINK~ Day 9

Day 9: Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy.

When this prompt came I had an instantly thought of this song and this video. The song can be taken in so many different contexts

  • the obvious one, I love to fuck, hard 🙂 (who got that?)
  • the I am so sick in the head, the only time I see clear is when I am beating and fucking you
  • and of course the, when I am with you this way, there is no doubt that god exists

The video  is sometimes quite disturbing but to me it is so appropriate for the song. It is stirring…

I am jealous of the monkey. Who gets jealous of a monkey?

I am jealous of the microphone. Jealous of inanimate objects, that is a first. First of all, the tip of it looks like a nipple. ARG. The whole time viewing I am desperate for him suck it, bite it, lick it, something! It is sooo close. Then he does, and I am staring at the screen mesmerized.

Me, Her and A Broom Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

. . The gasp that escaped her was more invigorating, as I looked down at her flawlessness. My new playground radiating  with warmth and anticipation of my touch. I lifted my right hand to feel her. Then stopped myself. A God awful song started to play. It would ruin everything. I stepped away from her grazing my fingertips against her collar-bone as I moved.

“What are you doing? she protested, hearing my footsteps move away from her.  Changing the music to a CD, and placing the song on repeat. Smiling as it started to play.

I grabbed the broom from the wall, moving it across my arm to test the sensation, slow, lightly dragged nails. “This will do nicely,” I thought.

I walked back to her and tentatively began moving the broom slowly down her chest, dragging it over her nipples. Moving it lower down her abdomen. Swirling it slowly. A moan escaped her perfect lips and I stopped to kiss them.The warm wetness of her mouth, made me want to venture lower. It was so hard not to touch her, but I continued to use the broom.  When I looked down on the trail I wanted to take her thighs were squeezed together, her ankles crossed. “Will you spread your legs for me?” I asked softly.

“I don’t think that is a good idea.” she said hesitantly

“Will you do it anyway? I just want to see” I lied.

She uncrossed her ankles and made a small space between her thighs. I moved the broom down the front of her long legs. Then slid the broom back up the inside to her left thigh, stopping momentarily to feel the heated moisture coming from her pussy on the back of my hand. I continued before crossing to the right thigh, and sending the broom down to her feet. I couldn’t resist anymore. Her warmth called to me, and I moved onto the bed with her dropping the broom.

I  moved her legs farther to give me the access I desperately needed.

“I am going to touch you now”

I sat  between her widespread legs, and raised my hands to feel her spreading her lips rubbing my fingers slowly up and down her slit.

“Oh,” she moaned,

I quickly pushed my finger inside her. making her moan louder. Her cries pushed me out of control, and I leaned forward tasting her. Licking her juices, ravishing her with my tongue. Her legs closed around my head, and she entangled my hair in her hands looking. Her hips began to buck,and I slipped my tongue against her clit.  Flicking it sucking, grazing it with my teeth, pushing my fingers in and out of her.

I felt her body responding, climbing to a peak as she moved, around me moaning and groaning. I reached above my head and grabbed her nipples, squeezing them, and as I did she seemed to burst. Covering her mouth with my hand, she moaned as the orgasm moved throughout her body, leaving her spent and me covered in her juices.

I used my arm to wipe her juices from my face in need of a towel. I Sat up, beaming at her. “I think you just squirted, Bad idea?” I asked.

“You said you just wanted to look,” she said breathless.

“I am sorry, I lied”

“I am not,” she said grabbing my arm, pulling  me down to the bed beside her.

Me, Her, and A Broom Part 1

It was Saturday night when I drove to her house. I went in and spoke with her parents. They were happy to see me as always, willing to let me spend the night. I was such a good influence on their daughter.

We drove away in my pick up truck, wearing our modest clothing and headed to the convenient store. We walked back out with a new lighter, a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights 100’s, two cans of red bull, and working our “I need a good fuck” clothes. We were off to join the rest of the teens on the strip. Cranking Disturbed’s new album we sped down the street.

Arriving at the strip we drove slow checking out the boys and their fancy toys. They were uninspiring. I have no idea why we bothered. So we drove to a subdivision in development out past the city limits. We got into the bed of my truck and sat and watched the stars talking about anything and everything. She reached over and took my hand. When her fingers began to knead my hand, I looked at her in wonder, and then in want. Who knew a hand massage could be so fucking hot.

We headed back to her house. As soon as we entered the house and ensured her family was asleep I took her in my arms and kissed her. Exploring her mouth with my tongue. Grabbing a fistful of hair pulling her closer to me. When I knew she was willing,  I led her to her bedroom. I locked her door. I Watched her, watching me and told her to take her off her clothes. My panties instantly damp as I gazed upon her supple breast. Her pink nipples erect begging to be touched.

I walked to her and reached out to touch them. Rubbing my finger up and down against one and then the other. Watching her lips part and her chest begin to rise and fall quickly. I wanted her to feel the way I felt as she massaged my hand. So I began kneading her breast. Pulling, pushing, squeezing, massaging, filling my palms with her softness. Keeping my eyes on her as she started to moan ever so softly.

I asked her to lay on her bed. Turned on the radio to drown out her coming moans, and allowed her to watch me undress. I looked around her room and spotted the small decorative broom hanging on her wall. I grabbed her a thin red scarf that hanging over her chair, folded it multiple times, and then climbed on top of her, straddling her. Her eyes locked on mine, I instructed her to sit up, and secured the scarf over her eyes.

Standing I retrieved the broom from wall, turned the music up just a little more and walked back towards her.

“Don’t move” I said.

The gasp that escaped her was more invigorating, as I looked down at her flawlessness. My new playground.

Part 2