MMM Motorboatin’

Last week was a great week for music. The torturous rush-hour drive to the woodlands was so worth it. I have been able to take in two amazing shows.

Heart  was stunning. Those ladies, have still got it. The perfectly piercing voice was better in person than what I’ve been listening to on the radio for so long.

I rocked, and swayed to Little Big Town’s ode to the pontoon. I stomped my cowgirl boots to the pounding beat of Tornado. Then I got in touch with my bluegrass roots which is a rare occurrence and stomped and clapped along with everyone else not from the Boondocks.

Then Mr. Keith Urban. When I take in a show, I rant and rave and say how great it was, or complain that I wasted my money. NEVER has a performer made me vow to see every show in the future. He was THAT kind of good. He catered to his audience, even those way in the back. He played a show I will never forget, hit after hit, and some hits I forgot I knew. You Mr. Urban gained a lifetime viewer, because whenever you he comes to town me and my tickets will be waiting.

It Feels So Right


So sweet,

So deep,

So real,

Oooh weeee,

God damn!

That’s some powerful stuff

Ooh, How you do it

Keep me coming baby, I can’t seem to get enough

What you do, what you say Makes me want to  love you Baby, I don’t even have a choice Oh

and if I did it’d still be you Cause’ you’re the man, among these other boys
Sweet sugar, I surrender

White flag, Oh I won’t even put up a fight

Ooooh cause there ain’t a damn thing wrong about this kind of loving

Ooh and it feels so right

….Some people probably say I’m crazy

But I don’t mind being a fool for you….


It is amazing just how many songs out there in the craziest places will speak the words you didn’t know you were searching for.


Guilty Pleasure of the Day

Today was a pretty sad day in Houston. Last week four firefighters were killed in a hotel fire. The memorial service was held today at reliant stadium. The procession, although moving, was insane, and traffic was more horrendous than normal.

So this afternoon when I got off work, and I could actually drive I was excited. I love driving. What makes driving better than simply speeding? Having a great song blasting as you do it. Now on a normal day I’d have pandora playing all the songs I am sure to like if not love. Today the actual radio was on and as I flipped through the channels I heard the familiar strum of a guitar. It was AWESOME. The only problem was that this particular song, isn’t one you want to love. As a matter of fact, you wish you’d hate it, but it is just so damn catchy. My head started nodding, my hips started moving, my hand started tapping the steering wheel,  and then I gave in when the chorus kicked in, and I sang.

so I put my hands up
they’re playing my song,
and the butterflies fly away
noddin’ my head like yeah
movin’ my hips like yeah
I got my hands up,
they’re playin’ my song
I know I’m gonna be okay
yeaaaaaaah, it’s a party in the USA
yeaaaaaaah, it’s a party in the USA


The song goes off as I hit a red light, and I look to my left and my right. Good, no one saw…. The moment is over, except its not. That DAMN song is stuck in my head. So I came here to my dear readers. Misery sure loves company.

I’ve watched the video twice now much to the chagrin of the man that has to listen to me, Enjoy!



Name Calling

What I was going to write, reminded me of an awful Rihanna song that I hate.  So now I can’t write it. I will just get to the point.

Today he called me a sex-starved-nympho. (Whose fault is that???)

Then he called me a cock-hungry-whore. (Again whose fault is that???)

I feel the normal response to such insults should be anger, or something of the sort. Me, I am just totally turned on because he yelled those words at me whilst I was restrained, enduring one of the best spankings I have had in a really long time. Today was a good day.

Another Sad Love Song? NO, Another Sexy Sex Song

All last weekend I was punished. Punishment is complicated. You hate it for so many reasons. You love it for, not so many reasons, but you do love it. Then there are times like this past weekend, when you don’t love it. Times when it just feels like torture that will never end. Those times you just hate it. You promise yourself to never, ever make that mistake again, as to never feel this way again. Which kind of makes you feel like Pavlov’s dog…maybe it is the collar that makes me feel that way…bad bad punishment.

This brings me to the point of this post. Ya know how when you are enduring  a bad breakup, every song reminds you of him. Every song is your song, every song is another sad love song. Well, let me tell ya, the same thing happens when you are denied sex. EVERY fucking (pun intended) song that comes on is indeed a fucking sexy sex song. I guess it wasn’t the best idea to listen to Janet Jackson radio on pandora, but it is pretty upbeat station, most of the time… Here is just a few that managed to drive me more crazy as the days passed.

I do love it when he takes me by surprise. It is rare when I don’t see it coming at all, but it sure is fun when I don’t.

This one just makes me grind my teeth literally. Then again Adam just makes me cross my legs in general, even with all those tats.

Self explanatory

This album was just amazing,

I am going to stop now, this could go on forever. Point being, last weekend sucked. I am glad it is over. I am glad he finally let me orgasm. I am glad that it went on and on and on in a way that only he can cause. I am also glad for sexy music. Music is complicated too  now that I think about it, so good, yet so bad. hmm food for thought

Such a Girl

I’ve been all girly girl lately. I’m guessing it has a lot to do with all the wedding stuff. So I would like to offer a heads up for the huge influx of wedding related posts that are surely to come.

Meanwhile I am all gushy from watching Selena. I know good and well what this movie will do to me, but I can’t seem to help myself. So you all get to suffer with me. 🙂