BDSM and The Main Stream

While skimming channels last night I cam across a movie on lifetime. To my surprise there was this bdsm movie on. I couldn’t believe my eyes. More so stunning… the TV-MA rating. On lifetime? NO WAY!!

Really. No way. There was nothing TV-MA in the entire two hours. Do I need to say how disappointing that was.

It got me thinking. Why in the world did they rate this show the way they did, and add a “viewer discretion advised” after EVERY commercial break. Then it dawned on me. It was the subject matter. Why is that simply mentioning ‘dominant, submissive, switch’, or showing a woman walking into a sex club, or someone holding up a shiny red collar so horrid that people should be warned of the vulgarity of it all. I was offended.

Then someone talked some sense into me. Now, instead of being offended I choose to appreciate the fact that my chosen lifestyle is no longer being portrayed in a way that demeans it. I can appreciate the fact that they chose a decent Dominant for the story line in that he was Dominant and not domineering. That his Dominance came from a desire to aid his submissive in being the best version of herself possible.

There is something to celebrate now with BDSM hitting main stream television.

The Mr. Grey’s of the World

This morning has been so lazy. Fun though.

After breakfast I went rummaging through the DVD’s in the media room and came across “Secretary” A film I used to work into new relationships on movie night to see how they would respond. It is a great movie. A perfect intro to the world of BDSM.

When I looked at it I instantly thought “I knew there was another Mr. Grey!”Then proceeded to think, what is it with Mr. Grey’s and their twitchy palms? Is there some coincidence? I wonder more if the sex lives of any non fictional Mr. Grey’s are well gaining in numbers… just a thought.