Rules of Being Owned

Rule Number One- There are no rules except the ones you make.

In the last day or so I’ve thought about the rules Sir has set for me more than usual. Partly because of the question posted here, and partly because last night I had a more difficult time than usual following a rule. Particularly the one that prevented me from doing this 

I can be a pretty independent woman. I have a pretty decent head on my shoulders, and for the most part I don’t like to need people. (As my relationships got more serious, that was always a problem for me) So when it came to the rules a Dominant would want to impose it was sometimes a struggle.

I once served a Dom that wanted to control everything. When and what I ate. What I wore. When I cleaned. How often I contacted him. It did’t last long. I felt stifled, and micro-managed, and just bad.

Now I serve a Dom that in reality probably has more rules than the aforementioned one. However, his rules make me feel cherished, loved, special, and owned. Sir’s rules remind me that I don’t belong to myself, they send me further into my submission, and that makes me feel hot and whole.

So you won’t find me complaining that I have to exercise four times a week, or that he knows my schedule for the day, or that if there any major changes I must notify him, or that I am not allowed to wear my hair up without permission, or that paying a bill late will have negative consequences, or that I have to take 30 minutes to myself daily, or that I must wear an approved outfit when we attend lifestyle events, or that I don’t dare orgasm without his permission, or that I can only masturbate on Mondays.

The list goes on, but those are rules I strive to obey.

Because I am submissive

Because I am fulfilled

Because I serve

Because I love Him



Forever Sir

This is the best day of my life. I thought that to myself Saturday evening when I was dancing with the best bridesman EVER. I thought that, until today, when I thought again, this is the best day of my life.

I am taking a minute to write, because I don’t want to forget a minute of how I felt this morning. I thought writing would help but I find myself at a loss of words describing my feelings. Great, wonderful, blissful, gleeful, complete contentment– none of those fit. So I will write what happened.

Sleeping in never felt so good. Brunch was at 11, and we partied too hard again last night. When Jackson and I finally made it back to our cabin It was 9:30 and I awoke to an absent husband. That was disappointing. It got better. I rolled over to see he was sitting in the chair across the room.

“Good morning Sir” … he didn’t respond, just looked at me. His face so unreadable I began to worry for a moment. His eyes moved from me to the floor. I obeyed promptly, kneeling at his feet, still slightly concerned.


A certain someone distracted me yet again. It has been days now, and my emotions from the moment aren’t as strong, but every word is seared into my head. I shall finish telling my story though.


“It was difficult keeping this from you, but the moment had to be perfect. Timing is everything wouldn’t you agree.”

“Yes, Sir” I said head bowed. I could feel his eyes on me, his left hands smoothing the hairs on my head.

“Look at me baby” he said softly in an odd tone, for an odd mood. When our eyes met he was quiet again for a moment. “Saturday I made promises to you: to treat you as my own body; to stick by you through thick, thin, ugly, and nasty; to love you no matter what as your husband. Today, I make promises as your owner.”

Stupid tears came, I promise I didn’t turn into a complete blubbering mess.

“Today, I promise to lead you through your journey as you accompany me on mine. I promise to not only love you as my wife, but as my submissive; to never take for granted the trust and faith you’ve put in me.”

My head fell again, the intensity too much. Surprising me, he moved to the floor with me. Kneeling in front of me, he still towered above me. His hand finding my chin, he pulled it up.”Look at me. I promise to never forget the strength and courage you displayed in choosing to be mine. I promise to own you forever.”

The box sitting on the table went unnoticed until he reached for it. When he pulled my new adornment out I thought again this is the happiest day of my life. It was so beautiful. When he placed it around my neck the cold metal sent shivers through me. It was so heavy. He stood, and held his hand out to me. I took it and followed him to the mirror. The chain maille surrounded gorgeous gemstones that match my wedding ring perfectly. His eyebrow raised at me, and his lips in a slight grin, “would you like to say anything?”

I couldn’t speak. Looking at him through our reflection in the mirror, I was able to get out two words. “Forever Sir.”

Today I Am Thankful for. . .

Here is my short list.

My son.

My man, my Dom, my lover, and my best friend in the whole wide world.

Orgasms, honestly, where would we all be without them?

My teeth, because without them I’d have a hard time pigging out today.

My parents for traveling with me, so the mother and I could continue our black friday tradition, another week of so excited I can barely contain myself.

My dear dear TBS superstation, for promising to play a Christmas story yet again this year, the days will fly fast.

Last, but not least, I am thankful for my future mother in law not making my life miserable. Apparently this new shiny ring has super powers!


Happy thanksgiving everyone!


Decisions, Decisions

We’ve finally made some decisions about our upcoming nuptials. I say, we but really it was me. 🙂 Anywho. my biggest challenge so far was trying to find a way to incorporate my man of honor on my side, when it came to the colors. So the color scheme will be black and grey with orange and white as accents. I had considered pink and white as accents, but considering we are going for a fall wedding, I felt a rustic orange would be better, even though I am in Texas and everyone will jump at Longhorn accolades. UGH this seems like a good time to shout BOOMER SOONER! Yes, that was good.

We have settled on a wedding party. I will have a matron of honor, man of honor, and one bridesmaid, Jackson will have his best man and two groomsmen. My side will be dressed in grey, while his side will be in black.

My biggest concession so far is the location. We both wanted a vineyard wedding, but I was more for making it a true destination wedding, and flying across country. Jackson however, wanted stay in the state, so we will be heading back to hill country. That of course is providing I can find a venue. Which will be the hard part I am sure. I want a full weekend wedding. I want it fairly small, and I want the whole thing to be an amazing weekend getaway for our guests. Therefore I am going to have to try to find a bed and breakfast, big enough to accommodate all of our guests for the entire weekend, and just rent the whole thing out. I have my work cut out for me there.

Couple of things I’ve learned. I hate the idea of ribbons on cakes. It destroys the look of the cake before you even cut it. Should I care since you are about to cut it?

I hate tulle, but I love what tulle can do for a dress. This makes me hang my head

I am attracted to very revealing wedding dresses, that neither my father nor my future husband would approve of.

I am just as unorthodox when it comes to bridesmaid dresses because the one dress, I’d love to see them in, is actually a wedding dress. I’d have to change the color and, I am not in love with the flare. If I choose it though, I will have to have them made, so the flare could be changed no problem right? Here is a pic I think this would look amaing in a heather or slate grey for my girls.I love the neckline, I love how sexy it is, I love the sleeve length, I just love it!  Except for the tulle. I wonder if I cut the flare off all together and change the hemline if the resulting product would kill the formality of the dress, and make it look like a hookers dress… hmm

Ok I am shutting up for now.

The Proposal, Four Years Later

A few Fridays ago I headed to my desk after a proposal meeting. I was beat. It was eleven and I was looking forward to lunch. I checked my e-mails  and wasted  a few more minutes and then my phone rang. It was the front desk, and I had a delivery, which was odd, usually they bring deliveries to our main floor. Nonetheless I made the long trek on the elevator, floor after floor, until I finally made it to the lobby.

When I made it downstairs, there were flowers, and a note from Jackson. He has spoken to my boss Carol. and I had the rest of the day off. I called him immediately, but he didn’t answer.  I left a voice-mail, and headed back upstairs to grab my purse. A few moments later Jackson sent me a text. There was a car downstairs waiting for me, and that he would see me later. After that he went completely silent.

The rest of my working hours were spent at a small bistro where I had lunch, and my favorite spa. He arranged everything, including my fave nail tech’s. 🙂 love that man. I had a facial, mani/pedi. When I was done at the spa, the car took me to fave South African place. I never ever get tired of it. When I walked through the door, I was stopped in my tracks. My parents, best girl friend, and my best guy friend that Jackson flew down here, along with his family, and my baby boy was standing on top of this wooden table with more flowers for me. That was when I knew what was about to happen, and that was when I started crying like a girl.

Jackson walked to me, wiped my tears, and had the nerve to use that voice when he told me to stop crying. I stopped instantly of course, but then wondered if anyone else noticed that voice. His tone softened, and was low where I was the only one that could hear him, “Your dad took some convincing, but he finally said yes. Your mom said yes before I could finish asking. That son of ours he was way too easy,” he said smiling. I looked at my son, and he was beaming. “Nicole can’t stop smiling, Mike will say yes after you do. My mother, is here, baby steps. My brother, helped me pick this out.”  That was when he got down on one knee and showed me my new shiny toy. “Be me wife?” he asked.

I nodded emphatically still choking back tears, before I could get out my yes. It was an amazing day, one I will never forget.


Life Lessons

There have been quite a few, suggestions, instructions, words of wisdom per se, given to me over the years. There are three that have always stood out to me. Mostly because I have applied them in my life, and because I’ve watched what happens when one doesn’t apply them. I have come to the conclusion that in general, the women imparting their knowledge knew what the hell they were talking about.

I will share a few:

My mother always said “never let people know what goes on in your bedroom.”

My grandma used to say “if you have to get it in public, you aren’t getting it in private.”

Oprah said, although I think someone told this to her, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

As far as what Mom said, sigh, for instance, See Jane Come, was partly fiction. The majority of the story however, was from a friend who shared a little too much information in my opinion on ladies night. Why do people find it necessary to invite others into their relationship? (I don’t mean in the lifestyle way) Just in general. I have found it is much better to keep a relationship in the confines of those involved. Otherwise you have problems.

A brief anecdote, if I may. Renee’s husband was stolen, or she gave him away, however you want to look at it. Why you ask?  Because l for one he wasn’t faithful. Mostly though, because Renee loved to tell everyone who would listen, how wonderful her husband was. Especially how wonderful he was in bed. Now, females are treacherous, this is a well known fact right? So while Renee was saying what a god her husband was. Jennifer, was thinking about what she wasn’t getting at home. Then, Jennifer wanted what Renee was getting at home. Now Renee isn’t getting her husbands cock, and Jennifer gets it on the regular.

This is why when I go to ladies night, I keep my mouth shut. I could go and on about the ooo so fucking amazing things I do with my man and my Dom(sometimes it is like being with two different men 😉 ). Yet, I don’t. Personally I find it much more satisfying to know that they all assume I am as vanilla as they come. I find it greatly satisfying to look at them and think to myself PUH-LEASE you guys don’t KNOW what pleasure is. Plus it simply isn’t anyone’s business.

Now about dear old Granny God rest her soul, Disclaimer: I’d just like to say the following does not apply to those who enjoy exhibitionism, or swingers, or other people in lifestyles, that practically require play in front of others.  What Granny said is sooo true. I know this thanks to various friends I serve as confidant to, and various ladies night, whether they be in or out.

For those couples who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. You aren’t fooling anyone! Everyone understands the occasional slap on the ass. The occasional kiss that starts out a peck and deepens a bit until you realize your surroundings. That is fine, but for those who have their hands up a shirt or skirt, or down of pair of pants in front of the guests in your home. Or for those who like show off just how far a tongue can go down a throat, again, you aren’t fooling anyone. Let me tell you why.

People who are getting it on the regular, and are getting it good. We know self-control. Another hour hands off isn’t going to kill us, we just went all day. We know that when we get home, get in the privacy of a car, get somewhere we can just be us, it is on. That, and more than likely we can wait a bit until the soreness subsides.

Onto dear Oprah, I have used this principle in life all the way around. When it comes to boyfriends, classmates, workmates, bosses. Sometimes we like to pretend that we are so surprised when someone backstabs us. We like to act surprised, but really should we be. Usually the answer is no. People always show you who they are.

The best way to evaluate a persons true character is by watching how they deal with other people. If they are constantly starting rumors about other people, don’t think they won’t do the same to you. If they are constantly stabbing people in the back on the corporate climb, don’t think they won’t do the same to you. If they cheated on their other to get with you, what the hell makes you think they won’t do it to you. Sigh, the problem is that when they show us. We usually don’t believe them. Believe it!

There, a few life lessons, everyone can benefit from. I’ve done my good deed for the day.

That is for the day.

See Jane Come

Jane had been begging her perfect husband John to spank her. He was too perfect for that. He was a perfect gentleman, a perfect sweetheart, a perfect caretaker. He was stable chivalry on a silver platter, something she loved about him, most of the time. He was vanilla. He wasn’t vanilla bean, or vanilla with a chocolate swirl. He was old fashioned, homemade vanilla. That, she didn’t love.

No matter how much she begged he wouldn’t take her. It took her months to get him to take her from behind. Jane had just served him a bowl of fruit for dessert, and was headed to join him in the living room when she said something smart. She couldn’t believe her ears when he said “bend over, I think you need a spanking.” She stopped dead in her tracks at the entrance to the room.

The laughs free flowed from her lips. “That would be so hot if you meant it.” (He hadn’t yet learned the tone that made his intentions clear)

“I do. I changed my mind.”

“You changed your mind?” she looked at him utterly confused.

“Yes, instead of being nice, I am going to give you what you deserve” he said blankly. Her face quickly changed from a confusion, to a girlish grin, and back to confusion.

“I am trying to picture you giving me what I deserve,” Jane replied in a whisper.  What the fuck!!, she screamed silently to herself.

John sat down on the firm leather couch, patted his knee, and said “then come accept your punishment”. Jane walked over to him, wearily. Her heart started pounding as she lowered herself over his lap. This is what you’ve wanted, he is giving it to you, she bargained with herself. John could feel how quickly his wife’s breaths were coming.He slowly pulled down her panties, exposing her bare ass. Jane could feel the chill of the air against her newly freed skin, and the dampness that came quickly between her thighs. John looked at the creaminess of her ass, raised his hand and lowered it with ferocity. SMACK!!

“AH!” Jane panted and gasped, as another slap against her ass came. John looked as the blood raised to the surface of his wife’s skin. He was keenly aware and surprised at the pleasure it was bringing him. To see her red and at his mercy. He delivered another blow, stopping when Jane began to whimper beneath him.  He reached to her chin, grabbed it, and turned her head so he could look into her eyes.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” he asked so sweetly.

NO! Never again who are you and what have you done with my husband, Jane thought. “Yes sir,” she replied.

“Good.” Pushing Jane to the floor, “show me how good you’re going to be,” he continued, lifting his hips and pulling his boxers to the floor. Jane looked up at him, in complete awe. Fuck yes. Jane took his cock in her hand, and started stroking it gently.  She figured she would tease him, but she was so turned on she couldn’t wait to have him in her mouth. Jane lowered her head, and shoved her husband down her throat greedily.

“Mmm that’s right baby” John rasped. Invigorated by her husbands pleasure, Jane sucked his cock hard. Releasing him from her mouth only to gently suck on his balls. She loved pleasing him, and as her tongue glided back up to the head of his dick she looked up at him. Promising to commit his face to memory, how glorious he looked being served by her. She took him in her mouth again, pushing him to the back of her throat, over and over again, until he erupted. Jane quickly swallowed all her husband gave her, and gently continued to suck his cock.

John grabbed Janes chin again. Jane licked her lips.Thank you,” she said.

“I think you’ve earned a treat.”

“I am glad you were pleased. What would you like to give me?”

“A cum-filled pussy.” Jane melted with desire. “Lay back,” John demanded.  Jane quickly did as she was instructed. “Hold your legs open.”  Oh My Fucking God, Jane thought her body starting to quiver in anticipation. She grabbed her knees, spreading her legs for her husband. She felt so vulnerable, so raw, and exposed like this. John kneeled before his wife, taking in the sight of her wet pussy glistening under the light. He pushed slightly on her knees, rocking her back, pushing her ass in the air. Jane was astonished, and monumentally turned on.

“Who are you?” she asked her husband, looking him in the eye.

“I am your master,” he replied, spanking her ass again. Holy shit I’ve created a monster Jane thought.

“Right, yes master.

“Maybe you don’t deserve your treat”  John said teasingly. Jane’s eyes gave way to her panic. John paused, searching her eyes, inside he smiled before continuing, “But I want to fuck you anyway.” Jane’s eyes grew wide, as John rammed his dick deep inside her.

“Oh yes baby. . .sir. . .master. . .Oh God YES!” Jane exclaimed as her husband plowed her pussy.

“Whose cock do you love?”

“I love your cock, I love. . . I love your cock so much,’ said Jane almost incoherently.

“And whose pussy is my cock fucking right now?”

“Mine, oh your cock is fucking my pussy so good” Jane responded. John stilled, leaning over Jane. NOOOOO don’t stop she thought.

“Wrong, your pussy belong to me” John said. Jane looked up at her husband threw new eyes, she saw the man she always knew was there.

“Yes Master” she replied. John rammed inside her again,

“Remember that  if you want to keep having my cock” he fucked her harder.

“Yes Master.” As John continued to fuck his wife, Jane  could feel her orgasm approaching, much faster than she wanted. “Master may I come?

John, was enjoying dominating his wife. He wasn’t the ruthless dom he thought she wanted him to be, he granted her request. “Yes, but I am not done until I cum again.”

“Of course Master,” Jane replied, no sooner that she had finished those words, Jane reached her climax, it came over her like a rush of every sensation.

John came quickly again. They laid there on the floor. Jane a whirlwind of feelings. John, trying to come to terms with his own. “A thoroughly filled with cum pussy, good. Now take the rest of your clothes off go to bed. I want you naked in case I decide to have you again later.

“Yes master” Jane obeyed.