Is It Still a Hand Job If…

Last night Jackson was sitting on the couch watching Fallon as I finished up some dishes. I like just watching him sometimes. So I am watching innocently for once, and he subtly adjusts his cock. So then it is not so innocent. You understand right? How that subtle movement sent me from 0-90 in 1.2 seconds. How just writing about it today sends me back there too quickly…. I shall focus. Where was I? Oh yes..

So I am staring at my husbands cock through his boxers when lust hits me. I dried my hands, walked over to him, and dropped to my knees. As my hand brushed against him through the cool fabric. Silently he grabbed the remote control and the TV went black.

Sometimes when we have our silent conversations, I wonder what we would say if our words were spoken. What would I say instead of the tap on his hip suggesting he lift up so I could get those pesky boxers out of the way. What words would he say instead of planting his hand softly on my cheek. What words would replace that inviting barely there grin that gave me the “go ahead, enjoy”. Oh did I enjoy.

I enjoyed wrapping my fingers around his warm hard shaft. I enjoyed the look on his face as he watched me work. My hands twisting up and down. The change of pressure, the movement of my thumb against the head, the sound of his labored breathing, all of it  moving him closer and closer. I enjoyed every bit of it. Every bit of it down to the moment I placed my lips around the tip of his cock and sucked every drop of cum out of him.

All of that sparked a question… Is it still a hand job if I used my lips at the end?



I thought about turning to some anonymous blog, but why do that, when I have all of you!

You know that moment when you are building, and building, and you are so close. Your breathing erratic, your mind is half way to some dark abyss of nothingness, and in that moment you are silently begging him with your eyes to let you come this time. Begging for him not to stop, ready to give your life for what you know will be seconds of seemingly unending bliss.

Then it begins, this cosmic burst of nerves, and pleasure, and good, so good, and you realize you can’t breathe. Your breath is caught somewhere in the back of your throat, caught somewhere in time. You want to breathe, but your body fights it, seemingly shutting down to feel every bit of THIS, every convulsion, every second of THIS, that seems to keep going, and going, with new sensations of cold, and hot, and tingles, and bright bright starry lights,  and you’re dying to feel air in your lungs again, but this feels so good, and suddenly you inhale so deeply you seem to lose your breath again,  because you can’t seem to get enough of it, you began hyperventilating, then his arms.

His arms are there around you, consoling you, bringing you back to equilibrium. His arm are there to bring you back to the here, and the now.  You cry. You cry because it is over, you cry because it happened, you cry because of what he can do to you, you cry because he possesses you, you cry because you are no longer your own person, you cry because you love him, you cry because you’d do anything to feel THIS again. You cry because you have no earthly idea how you got from the couch to your bed, or how long you’ve been here.

Ah, reason has returned. The tears have subsided, and his thumbs are wiping the last of them away. When you look at him, the look he gives you, that look that can only be seen in moments like these, that look that makes you love him that much more.  You kiss him, a kiss him full of reverence, gratitude, lust, but mostly love. This kiss, that moves you again, not to achieve THAT feeling, but just to be one with him again.

wait wait… that was not the point of this post, my goodness can I go on and on…

I am asking a question. Question is, has anyone ever fainted mid-orgasm?

I literally thought I was going to pass out from oxygen deprivation. I am used to being breathless for a few moments, but for some reason this time, it just seemed to go on forever. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I just wonder considering there was no breath play involved at all, if anyone has passed out… do tell.

Now that I’ve written, today is Tuesday, and I get to play by myself. mas

Sweet Freedom

I have the best mother in the world. Let me tell you why.

I am sitting in bed with my laptop about to make a post about how sick and tired I am of being quiet. Every year I have to adjust and it is such a pain. Then my phone rings.

It is my dear mother.

She tells me that she wants to spend some time with her grandson. So I hand my son the phone. I hear him talking.

…”a football game?”

…”with the marching band?” his face is lighting up

…”what about grandpa?”


…”okay I will pack…here mama” (I got the phone back)


He is spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa! They have a fun-filled weekend planned with high school football tonight, and then off to see the Cougars play tomorrow night. Now although I am more of an NFL gal, and a Sooners fan. I am so excited!

I have two nights. Two nights and I am almost positive my dom will be present for both of them. More so, I will be free to let my Sub Flag fly. Free to  scream, cry, beg, yell, whimper, and enjoy all I want! Free to wake up the next morning and appreciate all the bruises and marks I hope to get. Sweet freedom I tell you. Sweet Freedom!

Now off to assume a fave position…




Missing my Dom

I was sitting in bed reading when he came in. He sat at the foot of the bed quietly taking his shoes off.

“You okay sweetie?”

“Tired,” he said shortly. I was suddenly ashamed of myself. I was watching the shirt come off of his shoulders. As he stood to drop his pants, I was staring at the muscles in his back. Ugh, he is tired, and his body is turning me on. When he sat back down folding his shirt, I moved to sit behind him. on my knees.

“I miss you,” I said kissing his neck, wrapping my arms around him.

“You had me this morning.”

“No, I mean I miss the other you. I miss my Sir, I miss my Dom.” He turned to look at me.

“He hasn’t gone anywhere. An appropriately timed hiatus.”

“I know but the hiatus is killing me, “I said pressing my teeth into his neck.

“Getting bored with vanilla?”

“No I like it all you know that, I just want all of you. Think of it as withdrawals, I am going through Dom withdrawals.”

“Hands and knees.” My heart began pounding instantly. I moved quickly to the floor assuming the instructed position. “Don’t make a sound.

I couldn’t hide the huge grin on my face as he lifted my night gown, and his palm came swiftly against my bare derriere.

Web of Ties~Pt. 1

Walking through the front door of her house I was nervous to meet Rachel’s family. Rachel said her family had no qualms about the lifestyle I was now apart of my. My sweaty palms countered the cool and collected smile on my face. The introductions came quickly. Relief washed through me as Rachel’s mother Helen pushed my outstretched hand away and embraced me.

“Darling, you did not do this sweet girl  justice. A couple of red heads, well I’ll be damned. Those windows must get really steamy.” Helen said as she squeezed me, her hand sliding just a little too far down my back. My eyes widened, and I reeled them back to normal before Helen pushed me into her husbands arms.

“Ignore my wife, she has been going overboard since the first day I met her. Nice to meet you Gina, my daughter can’t stop talking about you. ” I could feel the heat in my cheeks.

“Nice to meet you as well Mr. Rhodes.”

“Call me Charles, please.”

“Charles,” I nodded smiling at him. When he released me I took comfort as Rachel’s hand found mine. Her skin so soft, against me. I looked at her, gorgeous as ever, and so comfortable in the home she grew up in.

“Rachel your mom is making your favorite for dinner. I know you girls have been traveling all day. Take some time to rest,” he said with admonishing tone directed towards his wife.

“It will be ready in a couple of hours Rachel, be ready for dinner at six.” Helen said walking toward the kitchen sulking like a scorned child.

“Okay Mom!” I felt the tug against my arm as Rachel led to me to her bedroom. Following Charles with our bags. Opening the door he put the bags on the chest  in front of Rachel’s king size bed. Walking out he gave Rachel a wink. As the door closed behind him Rachel pinned me against it. Her knee parting my legs, giving her hands access. Moving her hand up my dress, her fingers quickly slipping beneath my panties.

“What was that wink?” I asked before Rachel’s lips pressed against mine.

“My parents want me happy. You have been making me very happy. ” she replied as she slid a finger inside me. The resulted moan was way too loud.

“We are in your parents house, and I still can’t resist you.” My hands found her breasts, and I softly squeezed the mounds. My moans coming louder as she moved her fingers in and out of me. “Mm baby”

“Uh-uh, say my name” she moved her fingers faster, fucking me hard with them. “I want to hear you say my name.” I bit my lip to stifle a moan, and she moved relentlessly inside me.

“Don’t start another pseudo dominant phase.”

“I will make you say my name, loud so  they can all hear.” I felt her hand grip my nape, pulling the baby hairs there. I gasped. “Fine, we will do this hard way.”

Dear Fellow Submissives

Do you ever do things purposely you know will get your D going? For some reason I feel it is against Sub rules, but I do enjoy it. Here is how it went:

Yesterday I was watching 50/50. There were a few moments in the movie where I came pretty close. The thing is I don’t cry. Funeral, extreme pain yea, but instigated by a movie? I don’t cry.  Then later I was watching the Change-Up, (seriously how many times can they do Freaky Friday?) but that movie almost got me going too. He was reading, while I was watching. So I am talking to Jackson, and I tell him how emotional I am being.

“I’ve felt like crying on and off all day, I am such a pussy sometimes. I thought maybe I needed a spanking, but you already gave me one today.”

He looked up from his book, raising his eyebrow. “You are a pussy. I happen to like that about you.” I gave him a half smile and went back to watching the movie. “Well you aren’t pms’ing.”  he started a few moments later.

“I know. I find it mildly disturbing that you keep better track of my period than I do.”

“I find it mildly disturbing that you don’t keep track of your period like I do.”

“If it’s not broke…” I trailed off, and went back to the movie. He left the room and when he came back he was holding my red collar and leash smiling. I looked at him and shook my head. He walked over to me, and placed the leash around the back of my neck, pulling my head towards his crotch. Looking up at him I shook my head no at him again.  He frowned down at me and released me. Then his frown moved to a grin. “What are you smiling about?” I asked.

“You practically ask me for sex, and then you say no.”

“You find that amusing?”

“I do today, that and I don not believe it is wise to push you right now.”

“You know what I think is funny?”

“Do tell.”

“I said ‘no’, and you didn’t do shit about it. Who’s the pussy now?” I grinned at him. His eyes, did that thing they do. What did I just do? I thought to myself

“Well in that case…” he trailed off in that tone, that made my pussy insta-wet.

So, I am wondering. Do other submissives do things to provoke that look and that tone?

Welcome Home

Business trips can be fun. This one was not. He had been gone for days and the longing had set in. I longed to be in his presence. I longed to touch him. I longed to feel his hands against my skin. So when he walked through the door it was with great self control that I allowed him time to set his bags down. Then he was mine.


After a long shower,  I wrapped myself in my favorite fluffy towel, ran the blower through my hair, and headed to the closet to shop. The fire red pleated teddy won. I collected the garter and the pair of matching fishnets, grinning at the thought of him ripping them to shreds as he did with the last pair. I added a pair of strappy red heels and started to dress.

When I was ready I went to the mirror and smiled at the vixen staring back at me. I strategically placed four sprays of heat, and checked the flight status again. He would arrive any minute.


He cocked his left eyebrow. I knew he was thinking of the possibilities for the evening. I stepped to him, grabbing his tie with my right hand, my left hand knotting in his brown locks. Kissing away the hours upon on hours we spent apart. His back slammed against the door. I giggled at my aggression. “I missed you baby.”

“I am noticing.” I watched him intently. The rise and fall of my chest quickening.  He bent down and his hands grasped my calves. My body welcoming his touch  His hands moved up to my ass, dragging his nails against my cheeks, making me moan through clenched teeth. “This is new?” he asked of my lingerie.

“Mmhmm, welcome home” I nodded, moving my hands to his belt buckle, raising my knee slightly to brush against his erection. He stopped me. Grabbing my ass, he hoisted me up, my legs instinctively wrapping around him.

“I like,” he said appreciatively. “Where to?” he asked before invading my mouth with his tantalizing tongue.

Irritated to part from his lips I muttered,”Bed.” He carried me to our room, and tossed me on the bed, I yelped on impact. He kicked his shoes off, dropped his pants, and jumped onto the bed. We kissed again as I untied his tie, pulling it off. My fingers found the buttons on his shirt, as he kissed my neck his tongue leaving sweet bits of moisture on my skin . Pulling at the the thin pleated red fabric that covered my breasts exposing them.

His lips traveled down my collar bone and to my breast. Sharply seizing my stiff nipple between his teeth, “Oh god” I cried as pain and pleasure radiated through my body, flames engulfing my soul.

“What are you calling him for? God can’t help you,” he replied, smiling his evil smile.
He got to his knees, pulling me down with him. My ass slightly inverted resting on his thighs, my ankles resting on his shoulders. I looked up at him from my back, watching him take me in. His hands started at my ankles. Releasing my shoes, his fingers traveled torturously slow up my legs. My hands found their way to my breast, squeezing, massaging, kneading them. I watched him pull the snaps on the garter so they springed back, relieved from their tension.

Lifting my leg, he released the two underneath. He pulled the fishnets away dragging his nails against my skin, making me moan loudly, before moving to my right leg. “So, you missed me, how did Lola hold up?” he asked dragging his teeth down the ball of my foot.

“Ah! She couldn’t care less about you, but she sure missed her Thor,” I replied through barely controlled breaths and a grin.

“We will have to give the lady what she wants. Later.  Right now I want to know. . .” he trailed off, laying flat on the bed, lifting my hips, throwing my thighs over his shoulders. My breaths hastening again in anticipation of his touch. “. . .if my dear Lola can break her record,” he finished before pushing my thong to the side, and burying his face inside me. Ecstasy began.