Saturday In the Park

Saturday night I dragged my baby to one of my fave r&b artist’s concert. It was a perfect evening in Houston for a concert at the pavilion. Jill’s interaction with the audience was amazing, she knows how to put on a great show. Even the way she shared life lessons with us, was great. So I wanted to share my musical wealth with you guys.

This first song is about how after a night of love making, you want nothing more than to do whatever makes him happy.

Although I love that one, right now this is my fave by her, and gives you a taste of an excellent soul master Mr. Anthony Hamilton.

My Canadian Cowboy

Among our friends I at times refer to Jackson as my Canadian Cowboy. He grew up in Mississauga but talks, acts, and listens to music as if he were raised off of a red dirt road in Oklahoma. I am so happy he doesn’t dress like it.

Usually when we are in his truck I know I will be listening to Kenny Chesney, Brooks and Dunn, Garth, Tim, Keith, or Toby,  today I was stunned. When we got in, and he started up the truck it was blasting Aerosmith’s Crazy. I LOVE that song, and quickly protested when he went to turn it down. Then I pressed the repeat button. I know, shame on me.

We have been living together for 2 years and I had no idea the man liked Aerosmith (just when I think I know him. . .). Although he may like it a little less, now that he was subjected to my rendition of Steven Tyler. It is a great song, I hadn’t heard it in years. So I came home and hit youtube. Youtube said they were headed to the Toyota center in a week and a half. I just bought tickets 🙂 Those guys are sure to croak soon, better get the getting while the getting is good!

We are going to have one hell of a week; Aerosmith on Monday, Brothers of the Sun  on Saturday. So in celebration of my recent purchase and upcoming concerts I am posting some of the songs I can’t wait hear live.  Cloud nine!