Me, Her and A Broom Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

. . The gasp that escaped her was more invigorating, as I looked down at her flawlessness. My new playground radiating  with warmth and anticipation of my touch. I lifted my right hand to feel her. Then stopped myself. A God awful song started to play. It would ruin everything. I stepped away from her grazing my fingertips against her collar-bone as I moved.

“What are you doing? she protested, hearing my footsteps move away from her.  Changing the music to a CD, and placing the song on repeat. Smiling as it started to play.

I grabbed the broom from the wall, moving it across my arm to test the sensation, slow, lightly dragged nails. “This will do nicely,” I thought.

I walked back to her and tentatively began moving the broom slowly down her chest, dragging it over her nipples. Moving it lower down her abdomen. Swirling it slowly. A moan escaped her perfect lips and I stopped to kiss them.The warm wetness of her mouth, made me want to venture lower. It was so hard not to touch her, but I continued to use the broom.  When I looked down on the trail I wanted to take her thighs were squeezed together, her ankles crossed. “Will you spread your legs for me?” I asked softly.

“I don’t think that is a good idea.” she said hesitantly

“Will you do it anyway? I just want to see” I lied.

She uncrossed her ankles and made a small space between her thighs. I moved the broom down the front of her long legs. Then slid the broom back up the inside to her left thigh, stopping momentarily to feel the heated moisture coming from her pussy on the back of my hand. I continued before crossing to the right thigh, and sending the broom down to her feet. I couldn’t resist anymore. Her warmth called to me, and I moved onto the bed with her dropping the broom.

I  moved her legs farther to give me the access I desperately needed.

“I am going to touch you now”

I sat  between her widespread legs, and raised my hands to feel her spreading her lips rubbing my fingers slowly up and down her slit.

“Oh,” she moaned,

I quickly pushed my finger inside her. making her moan louder. Her cries pushed me out of control, and I leaned forward tasting her. Licking her juices, ravishing her with my tongue. Her legs closed around my head, and she entangled my hair in her hands looking. Her hips began to buck,and I slipped my tongue against her clit.  Flicking it sucking, grazing it with my teeth, pushing my fingers in and out of her.

I felt her body responding, climbing to a peak as she moved, around me moaning and groaning. I reached above my head and grabbed her nipples, squeezing them, and as I did she seemed to burst. Covering her mouth with my hand, she moaned as the orgasm moved throughout her body, leaving her spent and me covered in her juices.

I used my arm to wipe her juices from my face in need of a towel. I Sat up, beaming at her. “I think you just squirted, Bad idea?” I asked.

“You said you just wanted to look,” she said breathless.

“I am sorry, I lied”

“I am not,” she said grabbing my arm, pulling  me down to the bed beside her.

The Domme In Me

Making plans for her visit in a few weeks…

K: Will you spank me?

S: Spank you?!? I will do more than that.

K: Oh

S: Nevermind, I wont push. The Domme in me wants to though.

K: I like pushy, I will do anything for a spanking

S: I know.  I may have to find a flogger for you

K: Paddles are my fave, but a hand is very personal too, I don’t want you hand hurting

S: When was the last time someone took to you with a flogger?

K: Never

S: Then don’t tell me a paddle is your fave

K: Yes Madam

S: Maam

K: Yes Maam

S: Good, you are a quick learn

K: I just want to be punished, put into an embarrassing position, to be scolded, standing in the corner after with my bare spanked butt on display

S: You need a real dom. I’d share mine, but I don’t like to share

K: I’ll take anything, you can be my dom

S: Well you certainly bring out the domme in me, p.s. I am a woman it is “domme”. I honestly don’t think I could give you all you need though hun. I have some fun switching with females occasionally, but I am a sub at heart.

K: I understand

S: I will see if my Sir knows someone that may be a good fit for you during the long haul. When you come to visit me though. We will have fun

These three weeks are going to go by soooo slow. Anticipation….

Me, Her, and A Broom Part 1

It was Saturday night when I drove to her house. I went in and spoke with her parents. They were happy to see me as always, willing to let me spend the night. I was such a good influence on their daughter.

We drove away in my pick up truck, wearing our modest clothing and headed to the convenient store. We walked back out with a new lighter, a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights 100’s, two cans of red bull, and working our “I need a good fuck” clothes. We were off to join the rest of the teens on the strip. Cranking Disturbed’s new album we sped down the street.

Arriving at the strip we drove slow checking out the boys and their fancy toys. They were uninspiring. I have no idea why we bothered. So we drove to a subdivision in development out past the city limits. We got into the bed of my truck and sat and watched the stars talking about anything and everything. She reached over and took my hand. When her fingers began to knead my hand, I looked at her in wonder, and then in want. Who knew a hand massage could be so fucking hot.

We headed back to her house. As soon as we entered the house and ensured her family was asleep I took her in my arms and kissed her. Exploring her mouth with my tongue. Grabbing a fistful of hair pulling her closer to me. When I knew she was willing,  I led her to her bedroom. I locked her door. I Watched her, watching me and told her to take her off her clothes. My panties instantly damp as I gazed upon her supple breast. Her pink nipples erect begging to be touched.

I walked to her and reached out to touch them. Rubbing my finger up and down against one and then the other. Watching her lips part and her chest begin to rise and fall quickly. I wanted her to feel the way I felt as she massaged my hand. So I began kneading her breast. Pulling, pushing, squeezing, massaging, filling my palms with her softness. Keeping my eyes on her as she started to moan ever so softly.

I asked her to lay on her bed. Turned on the radio to drown out her coming moans, and allowed her to watch me undress. I looked around her room and spotted the small decorative broom hanging on her wall. I grabbed her a thin red scarf that hanging over her chair, folded it multiple times, and then climbed on top of her, straddling her. Her eyes locked on mine, I instructed her to sit up, and secured the scarf over her eyes.

Standing I retrieved the broom from wall, turned the music up just a little more and walked back towards her.

“Don’t move” I said.

The gasp that escaped her was more invigorating, as I looked down at her flawlessness. My new playground.

Part 2

When all the LOVE in the world isn’t enough.

There is an awful ache resonating through my head, my throat, my gut, and most of all my heart. It aches because I have so much love for a man. Yet love isn’t enough.

Our story matched so many others, friends quickly turning to lovers. When we didn’t work I felt as if I were split in two. Agonizing pain constantly reverberated through me. I needed to get over him, and I thought the only way to do that was to cut off all ties. So I tried, and I failed.

I needed comfort. Who else was going to help me if I didn’t have my best friend? Sure enough he was there, in need of comfort too. So we comforted each other. Have you ever had breakup sex? A connection filled with longing, remorse, hurt, love and comfort. In that comfort we decided then that our relationship as friends could survive our heartbreak if we willed it to. I am so happy that it has.

This relationship has been by far one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. We have seen each other through life. hookups, breakups, marriages, and divorces. A mutual constant in each others lives

Occasionally I wake in his bed, or find him wrapped around me in mine. That is where I find my bliss, and start to reflect.

It is in reflection of this amazing relationship full of unconditional love that I think about how happy this man makes me. How I could never picture life without him. How much I need him here by my side. More so how much he feels the same about me.

Then the ache begins, because all that love, all the love in the world isn’t enough.