TMI Tuesday: What is in your ice box?

What’s in your refrigerator (and freezer)?
1. Anything alcoholic? beer, wine, bottle of champagne?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Jackson drinks beer (eww) I am the wine lover, and and who doesn’t like a little champagne.
2. Any guilty pleasures? Anything chocolate? Any ice cream?

My guilty pleasure right now is gourmet popcorn of the pineapple upside down cake flavor. I would have some in the fridge, but I ate it all earlier. I needed to get it out of the house. In the freezer we have some all natural fruit bars. Does that count as ice cream?
3. Any really old bottles of condiments?

Yes, a very old bottle of sweet and sour sauce, and an ancient package of whey protein. *trashing now*
4. Frozen pizza? Other frozen quick dinners?

Yaa I can finally say no. There aren’t any frozen dinners in my house.
5. Anything actually rotten or moldy?

6. What do you have in your fridge that the rest of us probably

hmm maybe a rutabaga. I am not sure how popular they are, but they are yummy.

Bonus:  In the novel Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth, the main character, Alexander Portnoy, masturbates using a liver steak as well as a cored-out apple. Have you ever masturbated with food? What?

I have never masturbated with food. Wait is ice considered a food? It is kept in the freezer….

Bonus, bonus:  We’re curious, how many phallic shaped foods are in your refrigerator?

We have bananas, everything else doesn’t quite make the cut.

It’s Pink?!?

I’ve tried very hard to keep my wedding craziness to a minimum. I now need to rant. There is a show called Four Weddings. Each bride gets judged in four categories, venue, dress, food, and overall experience. I’ve been enjoying it, looking at mistakes I don’t want to make. This one bride served prime rib. This is good, in my opinion.

Yet before it arrives at the table, a judging bride says and I quote “I hope it’s not pink.” are you effing kidding me??? Do you not have a brain, a non pink prime rib, is a perfect waste of prime rib. Then she had the nerve to knock her off points, for the meat being pink.

I am telling you all of this because I realized that my  reaction to these people that I don’t know is not logical. I was really pissed off. It doesn’t make any sense. Sigh, the bridezilla is coming.

Web of Ties~Pt. 2

Read Part 1

Sliding out of my pussy the dildo made a sloppy sound, and I could feel the juices seeping from my body. My head was reeling, how many times will she make me cum? I thought. Feeling Rachel’s lips encircling my clit, the words escaped my lips before I could stop them. “Rachel please! I need a minute.”

“You need a minute?”

“Yes just give me one minute.”

“Scream my name, and I will give you two.”

“I did scream your name,” I said panting.

Rachel’s head lifted, our eyes meeting, “No baby, not like that, you know how,” her head lowered again, blowing against my pussy “you know what I want to hear, I won’t stop until…” she trails off her tongue flicking my clit. My nails digging and clawing at the sheets on her bed. “How does it feel?”

“It feels good, baby you know it feels good, you always feel soooo good GOD”

“You’re getting close, again, I can feel it right here” she said sliding her fingers inside me hitting my spot.

“Ra…Rachel! Right there…YES Rachel!” I screamed as I came again my body a quivering display of weakness and pleasure. Smiling up at me she asked,

“Was that so hard?”

Before I could respond there was a knock on the door.

“Oh girls, I hate to interrupt but you need to wash up for dinner.”

“Thanks mom!” Rachel yelled after her irritated. I could feel the heat in my cheeks knowing Mrs. Rhodes hear us. I pulled Rachel up, kissing her deeply, thanking her for the day. Our tongues playing a game of tag and seek, tasting myself on her lips. She broke away grinning, “To the shower, I want to watch you unravel one more time before dinner.”


“Dinner was great Helen I had no idea Rachel was a fan of Greek food. I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot about her on this visit.”

“Oh if you want stories dear, I have them, “her mother exclaimed clapping.

Charles chimed in “Maybe you shouldn’t be so anxious to embarrass your daughter Helen.”

“Oh but this is my job as a parent, to embarrass her in front of the boyfriend, well girlfriend excuse me.” She giggled.

I was falling for Rachel’s mother already. She was bright and fun loving. Full of life and joy. I could see where Rachel gets it from. I silently wished my family could be so loving, so accepting of this life I’ve chosen. My thoughts are interrupted by Charles.

“So I hear you and Rachel are planning to paint this small town red tonight.”

I glance at Rachel, my eyebrows raised, “painting it red, oh I don’t know about all that sir. I do want to go dancing though. I may be able to drag your daughter onto the dance floor for a few songs.”

“You’re a dancer?” Helen asked placing far too big of a piece of pound cake in front of me.

“Occasionally.” I smile “I wouldn’t call myself a dancer though, every once in a while on the weekend, at special events, weddings and such. I do love line dancing though.”

“Oh Gina, you will have to teach our daughter, that girl has two left feet.”

“Well from whom did I get these two left feet mother?”

“We are not talking about me my dear.”

“Of course not mother.” Taking Rachel’s hand in mine, caressing it with the back of my thumb calming her. She has such a hot cold relationship with her mother, I can’t quite figure it out.

“You girls go ahead and get out of here. I hope Rachel continues to show you a good time Gina.”

My eyes shot to his catching his meaning. “Thank you Charles, I am sure we will have fun.” We headed back to Rachel’s room, and she threw on this green dress, that made her red hair glow. I love touching it, and can’t resist, my fingers are drawn to it. I reach out for it, pulling her head to me again to kiss those perfect lips.

“Uh Uh, I can tell what you’re thinking, later.”

“Promise?” I said threw narrowed eyes and a grin.

“Promise. That blue looks great on you by the way. Now grab your purse we are going to be late.”

“Late for what?”

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” she said as we walked out the door.

Ladies Night


Not a night on the town painting it red.

Not a night of bad, drunken behavior

A night in

A night of wine,

Great wine, the kind that makes you go mm, close your eyes, and savor the sip

A night of food

Great food, to the point where you know good and well you’re gonna have to do another hour in the gym

A night of friends

Great friends, that will have your back, tell you when you’re wrong, and slap you if you need it

A night of girl talk

Great talk, ya know the juicy kind, love, sex, marriage, relationships, ( and all that gossip)

A night of laughs

Great laughs that make your abs sore, your cheeks hurt, to the point your begging for mercy 🙂

There is nothing like ladies night in.

Ten Things I couldn’t Live Without.

One of my favorite magazines Elle Decor does a “Shortlist.”  They choose a person in the design community and ask them what items they can’t live without more or less on a daily basis. Here are mine:

1. Chobani Yogurt. I don’t know what I ate for breakfast everyday before I discovered Chobani. I do know that I never want to go back. I have no clue who thought to make blood orange flavored yogurt, but I love them. Seriously, I love them.  The lemon, omg the lemon is decadent, and the mango. I can’t eat mango’s, but I can eat mango Chobani. I will quit ranting about yogurt now.

2.Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb bath pearls. There is no better fragrance in the world. I have other fragrances for the sake of not wearing the same fragrance every day. Other than that it would be flowerbomb all day everyday. The bath pearls, make you feel like you are bathing in the middle of the botanical gardens.

3. Starbucks. More specifically my MWF serving of a caramel macchiato on the rocks. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. . .

4. Moleskine notebook. I have yet to find a better place to keep my novel ideas. The characters that come to me, the scenes that appear when I am at work, at the stop light, mid-dinner they all go into my moleskine journal. It goes where I go, always.

5. Fendi Bag. Some women have shoes, I have my Fendi bags. I limit myself to two purchases a year. I cannot express the joy I feel, walking out of the store with a new bag.

6. Rabbit. Tuesday’s my  dear Sir allows me to play with myself, by myself. Occasionally I may choose another toy. I adore my rabbit, and my ice. I suppose I could chalk it up to an orgasm in general.

7. Ferrero  Rocher. Best. Chocolate. Ever. I keep trying to find something better, maybe it is out there, maybe it isn’t. I limit myself to one package every two weeks. Otherwise I wouldn’t stop eating them.

8. Spa Day. After weeks of being so wonderfully beaten, bruised, and abused 🙂 A lady needs some rest, relaxation, and pampering.

9. My I-Phone. It is sort of how I stay connected to and with everything. It is a must. Plus I can play music, I’d die without music, but it sure is hard to stick to just 10 items.

10. My Bar. When we were house shopping a bar was on my list of must haves. As a single mom of a very young child I had to find a way to pay for school, keep the lights on, (I failed that one once), keep food on the table blah blah. I couldn’t afford traditional daycare, so I worked 9-2:30 bartending. I never want to forget that struggle, or lose my mad skillz, so I make sure I have a bar.


I’d make a list of all of the “other” toys, but technically none of them are mine. 🙂
What couldn’t you live without?

I am back!

I am home and unpacked. I have a few things to write. One is I am surprised at how much I missed writing some decent posts. It is good to let out a decent rant every now and then, but I am happy to be home. Here I can write something I feel worth while. More to come later today I have to do some post vacation shopping. Does anyone else hate coming home to the fridge you purposely emptied before the vacation, and now there is nothing to eat in the house. Sigh, pros and cons of travel. Write to you guys soon!

P.S. I am jonesing for some quinoa salad.