30 Days of KINK~Day 12

Day 12: Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had.


You know those miserably embarrassing moments that don’t become funny until years have passed? This is one of them.

Before we moved  into our place, Jackson spent the evenings and weekend at my townhouse. I say “spent”, because I was one of those females that refused to allow a man to live with me. My mother had a key to my place for “emergencies.”  You can tell how this is going to go right.

It was a Saturday night. My son was at a ballgame with his grandparents– so I thought. I had told my mother I was going to enjoy a mommy night. Normally a mommy night would equate a night alone. A night I’d spend curled up on the couch with a glass of moscato, and some chick flick that would make me laugh and cry. I had another type of mommy night planned. A night where I’d be curled up at the feet of my Sir, who would make me laugh and then make me cry for mercy.

My place had an awesome layout. Downstairs  there was a living area, a large eat in kitchen, a half bath and an office. Upstairs was my master, another living area, my sons bedroom, and a full bath. We were upstairs. I was spread eagle, face down, restrained against the oak coffee table. I was getting one hell of a spanking when we heard my mother scream. “What the hell!” I had never heard my mother curse before.

Turns out my dad took the kiddo the game alone. My mother decided that I shouldn’t be alone. She figured she would join me in my mommy night. My mommy night was ruined, and so was hers.

Mother started throwing CD’s at Jackson’s head. It was horrible. Try explaining pre Fifty Shades, that you enjoy being spanked to a mother. A mother that is still getting used to the new man in your life. She was still in the ‘take things slow dear’ when it came to our relationship. It was a major hurdle for them to get over. It was awful, did I say that yet. Awful.

Now, finally, four years later, the three of us have a standing inside joke about key’s.



I remember when a picture like this disgusted me. What would make someone want this, enjoy this?

Have I evolved or what!

Now with everything there are different degrees. There is still much I do not understand in the  BDSM world. Frankly, much I do not want to understand. I have however come to appreciate it for the marvel that it is. Proud to say that I dibble dabble in the joy that is being an occasional submissive in my own right.

Right now in my current needy state. I could go for some restrictions.