Author Anger

Do you write reviews? I spend too much time on amazon I always read the reviews, but I never write them. The need simply wasn’t there until now.

Never in my life have I come to resent an author. I feel led on, betrayed, and as if I have been slapped in the face by failed expectation.

The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day was supposed to be a trilogy. I am not sure what the thing is with trilogies these days as if people can’t simply write one book anymore, but honestly I welcome the continuation of a story when it is necessary. A lot of times when I am finished with a book I find myself missing the characters, but the truth is eventually the story has to end.

I read the first two books of this trilogy, and I loved them. They were right up my girly alley. Then I waited for December to come to read the last book Entwined With You. It was pushed back time and time again. Then when I get it, I get this piece of crap book. I am pretty sure with an awesome editor I could have written that book, maybe even better.

There is a certain rhythm to books, we all know it. Different variations of starting, different variations of middle, but a vital part of a book is the climax. It happens at different spots, but there should always be at least one climax that is resolved. A moment to let the reader get all built up and invested, and then something to let the reader breathe, and say ‘ah, all will be okay–for now’.  Sometimes there is a climax, with a cliffhanger that sends the reader into another book. What you don’t do, is give readers nothing but a boring two week look into a fictional characters life, with no climax, and no resolution. What you don’t do is decide that your readers are complete idiots and don’t know crappy literature when they read it. What you don’t do is decide that your wallet is more important that your loyal readers and say screw them all, you can wait.

Such shameful disappointment. Now I need an excellent new book to read so I can quit being pissed about this one.

A Submissive Reaction

Late last night, or early this morning rather I couldn’t sleep. I perused websites, and finally went to my e-mail where a piece of fiction was waiting for me. I read it almost hungrily, and when I was done a spark was lit and I wanted more.

Throughout the day new pieces found their way into my inbox. Each one bringing a sense of excitement and anticipation with its arrival. Leaving me with more want, and a feel of pure greed at the end.

What struck me about my reading is just how strong of an attraction is felt between a submissive and a Dominant. It is like we are drawn to them in any form, even the fictional ones. I am reading about this faceless, nameless, man. I know that he is commanding. I know that he is patient. I know that he has that voice. With those three things, I am in. I am there, I am with him and his budding sub, watching them evolve. The seduction is intoxicating.

Then in the midst of the story the Dom said two little words that sent me spiraling. “Good girl” It seems that when those two words are spoken by a Dom as a sub, I react. Whether they are said to me or not. I feel grateful, pleased,humbled, and happy that whomever is hearing them has pleased her Sir to the point that he felt inclined to utter those two words. It is such a submissive reaction.

I Am SO excited! and I just can’t hide it!

Tonight is bittersweet. Sometimes I so ashamed of this love that I have. I just can’t help myself. So in exactly thirty minutes I am going to go wild with a bunch of pre-teens and teenagers, and their guardians for the night and I am going to see Bella be a hot vampire. I am going to watch her have hot vampire sex with her husband, and  I am going to watch her be a mom that would give everything to ensure her child’s safety.

I am practically bouncing off the walls in anticipation.


Web of Ties~Pt. 2

Read Part 1

Sliding out of my pussy the dildo made a sloppy sound, and I could feel the juices seeping from my body. My head was reeling, how many times will she make me cum? I thought. Feeling Rachel’s lips encircling my clit, the words escaped my lips before I could stop them. “Rachel please! I need a minute.”

“You need a minute?”

“Yes just give me one minute.”

“Scream my name, and I will give you two.”

“I did scream your name,” I said panting.

Rachel’s head lifted, our eyes meeting, “No baby, not like that, you know how,” her head lowered again, blowing against my pussy “you know what I want to hear, I won’t stop until…” she trails off her tongue flicking my clit. My nails digging and clawing at the sheets on her bed. “How does it feel?”

“It feels good, baby you know it feels good, you always feel soooo good GOD”

“You’re getting close, again, I can feel it right here” she said sliding her fingers inside me hitting my spot.

“Ra…Rachel! Right there…YES Rachel!” I screamed as I came again my body a quivering display of weakness and pleasure. Smiling up at me she asked,

“Was that so hard?”

Before I could respond there was a knock on the door.

“Oh girls, I hate to interrupt but you need to wash up for dinner.”

“Thanks mom!” Rachel yelled after her irritated. I could feel the heat in my cheeks knowing Mrs. Rhodes hear us. I pulled Rachel up, kissing her deeply, thanking her for the day. Our tongues playing a game of tag and seek, tasting myself on her lips. She broke away grinning, “To the shower, I want to watch you unravel one more time before dinner.”


“Dinner was great Helen I had no idea Rachel was a fan of Greek food. I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot about her on this visit.”

“Oh if you want stories dear, I have them, “her mother exclaimed clapping.

Charles chimed in “Maybe you shouldn’t be so anxious to embarrass your daughter Helen.”

“Oh but this is my job as a parent, to embarrass her in front of the boyfriend, well girlfriend excuse me.” She giggled.

I was falling for Rachel’s mother already. She was bright and fun loving. Full of life and joy. I could see where Rachel gets it from. I silently wished my family could be so loving, so accepting of this life I’ve chosen. My thoughts are interrupted by Charles.

“So I hear you and Rachel are planning to paint this small town red tonight.”

I glance at Rachel, my eyebrows raised, “painting it red, oh I don’t know about all that sir. I do want to go dancing though. I may be able to drag your daughter onto the dance floor for a few songs.”

“You’re a dancer?” Helen asked placing far too big of a piece of pound cake in front of me.

“Occasionally.” I smile “I wouldn’t call myself a dancer though, every once in a while on the weekend, at special events, weddings and such. I do love line dancing though.”

“Oh Gina, you will have to teach our daughter, that girl has two left feet.”

“Well from whom did I get these two left feet mother?”

“We are not talking about me my dear.”

“Of course not mother.” Taking Rachel’s hand in mine, caressing it with the back of my thumb calming her. She has such a hot cold relationship with her mother, I can’t quite figure it out.

“You girls go ahead and get out of here. I hope Rachel continues to show you a good time Gina.”

My eyes shot to his catching his meaning. “Thank you Charles, I am sure we will have fun.” We headed back to Rachel’s room, and she threw on this green dress, that made her red hair glow. I love touching it, and can’t resist, my fingers are drawn to it. I reach out for it, pulling her head to me again to kiss those perfect lips.

“Uh Uh, I can tell what you’re thinking, later.”

“Promise?” I said threw narrowed eyes and a grin.

“Promise. That blue looks great on you by the way. Now grab your purse we are going to be late.”

“Late for what?”

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” she said as we walked out the door.

Web of Ties~Pt. 1

Walking through the front door of her house I was nervous to meet Rachel’s family. Rachel said her family had no qualms about the lifestyle I was now apart of my. My sweaty palms countered the cool and collected smile on my face. The introductions came quickly. Relief washed through me as Rachel’s mother Helen pushed my outstretched hand away and embraced me.

“Darling, you did not do this sweet girl  justice. A couple of red heads, well I’ll be damned. Those windows must get really steamy.” Helen said as she squeezed me, her hand sliding just a little too far down my back. My eyes widened, and I reeled them back to normal before Helen pushed me into her husbands arms.

“Ignore my wife, she has been going overboard since the first day I met her. Nice to meet you Gina, my daughter can’t stop talking about you. ” I could feel the heat in my cheeks.

“Nice to meet you as well Mr. Rhodes.”

“Call me Charles, please.”

“Charles,” I nodded smiling at him. When he released me I took comfort as Rachel’s hand found mine. Her skin so soft, against me. I looked at her, gorgeous as ever, and so comfortable in the home she grew up in.

“Rachel your mom is making your favorite for dinner. I know you girls have been traveling all day. Take some time to rest,” he said with admonishing tone directed towards his wife.

“It will be ready in a couple of hours Rachel, be ready for dinner at six.” Helen said walking toward the kitchen sulking like a scorned child.

“Okay Mom!” I felt the tug against my arm as Rachel led to me to her bedroom. Following Charles with our bags. Opening the door he put the bags on the chest  in front of Rachel’s king size bed. Walking out he gave Rachel a wink. As the door closed behind him Rachel pinned me against it. Her knee parting my legs, giving her hands access. Moving her hand up my dress, her fingers quickly slipping beneath my panties.

“What was that wink?” I asked before Rachel’s lips pressed against mine.

“My parents want me happy. You have been making me very happy. ” she replied as she slid a finger inside me. The resulted moan was way too loud.

“We are in your parents house, and I still can’t resist you.” My hands found her breasts, and I softly squeezed the mounds. My moans coming louder as she moved her fingers in and out of me. “Mm baby”

“Uh-uh, say my name” she moved her fingers faster, fucking me hard with them. “I want to hear you say my name.” I bit my lip to stifle a moan, and she moved relentlessly inside me.

“Don’t start another pseudo dominant phase.”

“I will make you say my name, loud so  they can all hear.” I felt her hand grip my nape, pulling the baby hairs there. I gasped. “Fine, we will do this hard way.”

What Would You Pick For Me?

I normally reserve this question for my Facebook page, but I figured why not post it here.

I finished fifty shades, its better written I don’t know how it isn’t considered plagiarism copycat Bared To You. Now I have exactly a week and a half left of Summer. I need to read some books before schools gets thrown into the mix of life.  Recitals, PTA meetings, boy scouts, winter programs, school parties, the occasional surprise cupcakes taken to the school. sigh, it is hard being a Mom, but tons of fun nonetheless.

So I ask of you anyone who wishes to suggest. What book must I read before the summer is out?  To help you in helping me here is a list of my recent reads.

Bared to You- Book one of a trilogy

Fifty Shades of Grey-Trilogy

The Hunger Games-Trilogy

Thursday at Eight-Debbie Macomber

Georgia Bottoms-Mark Childress

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-Trilogy

Once Upon A Time There Was You-Elizabeth Berg

Although I read all of these quite some time ago they are near to my heart, and therefore should be mentioned to assist you in your suggestions: Every Nicholas Sparks novel ever published, the Twilight series, various Jane Austen novels just because I had a goal once of being an English teacher.* In general I like sexy books. I love the story of a good romance. I enjoy trilogies, or series that may be longer. I like books that I can’t put down. Rarely I can.

I had a hard time reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo until I understood how the writer wrote. Then I could get myself through the last two books non-stop. I tried the Shopaholic series. They were awful to me. I do not like sci-fi, or legal thrillers, or fantasy I am finding (I can’t seem to get through the Sleeping Beauty series by A.N. Roquelaure) or non-fiction works. So if you have a suggestion share, please and thank you.

*Darn those awesome internships that turn into a whole other career than you could have imagined for yourself. Sometimes I long for the realization of my old dream of being a high school English teacher. Sigh, another life.