Because of Becca…

I came while bent over my bathroom vanity this morning. I will start at the beginning.

One of the many sacrifices I made with the career change was giving up my weekly massage. It was difficult, but my chiropractor tamed the change in three ways. One. Becca is kind of hot. Two. My insurance pays Becca. Three. Becca massages low.

My masseuse Angie was wonderful, and as massages go, my time with Angie could be described as fairly intimate. I would walk in strip, and Angie would do magical things to my body.

Until Becca my experiences with chiropractors were cold. I saw them post car-wreck, they would put me in room, attach the electro-pads to me, tug, push, make me crack, and send me on my way.

Becca was noticeably different from the first time she pulled my panties down to massage my lower back. I didn’t mind the electro-pads, tugs, pushes, and cracking from Becca because each session ended with my feelings as if I’d enjoyed a ‘half-body massage’ instead of an ‘adjustment’.

Now that I am off for the summer, my morning routine has changed, and I get to enjoy watching Jackson move around as he prepares for this day. This morning we were in a heated debate about Labor Day weekend; I am dreading spending it in Hilton Head with his family. No- with his mother. I digress. Walking out of the bathroom I flippantly declared,”thank god I am going to Becca today, she can work off this tension in my neck.” I couldn’t stop my footsteps fast enough as I felt his hand grab and then wrap around a fist-full of my hair. This is when time seems to slow a bit. My pulse quickens. I am suddenly hyper aware, because I feel the change.

I am not often the bratty type I swear. This morning though, I was irritated. So when he asked if I was going to Becca so she could make me feel good, I looked straight ahead as his grip tightened against my scalp, the thrill sending tingles throughout my body, and I said “she is going to make me feel great”. I knew what I was doing, but to be honest, it was fun. What happened after was even more fun.

As if my hair was a leash Jackson pulled, and I stepped backwards towards him my back flush with his chest. My breathing betraying all attempts to hide my arousal as he lowered his head to rest on my shoulder momentarily before trailing his tongue up past my neck to my ear.

“Does Becca make you feel this?” He inquired in a whisper.

“No Sir.” I responded, barely audible. His left hand circled me, caging me in, and then drifted, agonizingly slowly under my blue teddy, past my mound and directly into my heat. He turned us so that we faced the large vanity mirror.

“Look at you. What about now? Does Becca make you feel like this?” He said harshly in my ear. His fingers curved hitting that perfect spot. My head falling back against his chest, as he released my hair to allow his right hand to circle my clit. Losing proper function of my legs, I reached out with both hands against the vanity to support myself.

“No Sir she doesn’t.” I admitted via half moan, closing my  eyes as my hips began to rock forward against his hand, and backwards against his cock.

“Really, open your eyes, look at yourself. You are humping my hand. Can Becca make you feel this?” He asked again as he withdrew his fingers from inside me. I moaned in protest, and he quickly unsheathed his cock before thrusting into me.

It is always so perfect the way he feels with that first thrust, my body quickly adapting. Throaty, raspy, moans, and pleas rip from my throat as he fucks me. Hard. Deliberate. Punishing. Thrusts.

“When you see Becca today, and she has her hands on you, I want you to remember this.” Each phrase punctuated by another breathtaking thrust inside me.

“Yes Sir.” I yelled silently begging for the release that was coming far too quickly.

“Do you want to come for me?”

“Yes please Sir”

Will Becca ever ask you that?”

I grunted in frustration. “No Sir. Please!” I begged as he intensified his assault on my clit.

“Come with me baby.” And beautiful little white spots burst behind my eyes, as he burst inside of me.

So when I was splayed along the table, and Becca pulled my panties down and out of her way, a soft moan escaped my lips, but I didn’t tell Becca it was all her fault that I sort of

looked like this

Kinky Sex Club

as I came while bent over my bathroom vanity this morning.


Author Anger

Do you write reviews? I spend too much time on amazon I always read the reviews, but I never write them. The need simply wasn’t there until now.

Never in my life have I come to resent an author. I feel led on, betrayed, and as if I have been slapped in the face by failed expectation.

The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day was supposed to be a trilogy. I am not sure what the thing is with trilogies these days as if people can’t simply write one book anymore, but honestly I welcome the continuation of a story when it is necessary. A lot of times when I am finished with a book I find myself missing the characters, but the truth is eventually the story has to end.

I read the first two books of this trilogy, and I loved them. They were right up my girly alley. Then I waited for December to come to read the last book Entwined With You. It was pushed back time and time again. Then when I get it, I get this piece of crap book. I am pretty sure with an awesome editor I could have written that book, maybe even better.

There is a certain rhythm to books, we all know it. Different variations of starting, different variations of middle, but a vital part of a book is the climax. It happens at different spots, but there should always be at least one climax that is resolved. A moment to let the reader get all built up and invested, and then something to let the reader breathe, and say ‘ah, all will be okay–for now’.  Sometimes there is a climax, with a cliffhanger that sends the reader into another book. What you don’t do, is give readers nothing but a boring two week look into a fictional characters life, with no climax, and no resolution. What you don’t do is decide that your readers are complete idiots and don’t know crappy literature when they read it. What you don’t do is decide that your wallet is more important that your loyal readers and say screw them all, you can wait.

Such shameful disappointment. Now I need an excellent new book to read so I can quit being pissed about this one.

Morning Quickie

This morning I had fifteen minutes to myself to just lay in Post Glow. As I relaxed coming down from my high I went to reflect mode. We have already made the shift from the couple without child, to the couple with child. He makes it difficult for me. With the glances, the tones, the texts, the e-mails, the caresses, the gropes, he tortures me with anticipation This morning’s quickie in the shower although rushed, did not lack passion.

This morning, a heady combination of stress relief and my desperate need to feel him inside me again. It had been far too long.Was it possible with the increase of responsibility our time together means that much more? I was pondering this, and how much I love that man when I heard the small knock on my bedroom door, my me time was gone.

A Dominant’s Craft

Last week whilst I was splayed across his desk, I heard one of the sexiest most delicious, pussy wetting commands to ever come out of his mouth.

I was restrained with a frog tie. My mouth was stuffed with the end of a rolled up magazine. My fingers clinged to each side of the desk. Sir was already abusing me quite nicely. He was devouring my pussy, and his fingers were relentless in probing my ass.  My eyes were screwed shut trying to focus on not muttering a sound when suddenly the sensation stopped. I opened my eyes, and he was staring down at me.

“I’ll be back,” he said and started out of the room. A second later he was looking at me again, with the most villainous grin. “Keep that pussy wet.”

That directive, those four demanding words, made me feel like something. I didn’t know what I was feeling, or why those words made me feel that way. What I did know, was that the words spoken to me completed that task for me. It felt like they made my juices run freely. I was hurt and disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to moves my fingers to feel just how wet they made me.

A few days have passed and I can’t figure out why those words did so much to my body. I think if he said them today it wouldn’t be the same. What is it about certain moments that make certain things like a hard slap on the ass, a slightly softer smack on the face, the feelings of fingers wrapped around your neck stand out amongst all the others?

This is their craft. Each Dominant to know their submissive’s so well. To know exactly what to say, and when to say it. To know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Dear Fellow Submissives

Do you ever do things purposely you know will get your D going? For some reason I feel it is against Sub rules, but I do enjoy it. Here is how it went:

Yesterday I was watching 50/50. There were a few moments in the movie where I came pretty close. The thing is I don’t cry. Funeral, extreme pain yea, but instigated by a movie? I don’t cry.  Then later I was watching the Change-Up, (seriously how many times can they do Freaky Friday?) but that movie almost got me going too. He was reading, while I was watching. So I am talking to Jackson, and I tell him how emotional I am being.

“I’ve felt like crying on and off all day, I am such a pussy sometimes. I thought maybe I needed a spanking, but you already gave me one today.”

He looked up from his book, raising his eyebrow. “You are a pussy. I happen to like that about you.” I gave him a half smile and went back to watching the movie. “Well you aren’t pms’ing.”  he started a few moments later.

“I know. I find it mildly disturbing that you keep better track of my period than I do.”

“I find it mildly disturbing that you don’t keep track of your period like I do.”

“If it’s not broke…” I trailed off, and went back to the movie. He left the room and when he came back he was holding my red collar and leash smiling. I looked at him and shook my head. He walked over to me, and placed the leash around the back of my neck, pulling my head towards his crotch. Looking up at him I shook my head no at him again.  He frowned down at me and released me. Then his frown moved to a grin. “What are you smiling about?” I asked.

“You practically ask me for sex, and then you say no.”

“You find that amusing?”

“I do today, that and I don not believe it is wise to push you right now.”

“You know what I think is funny?”

“Do tell.”

“I said ‘no’, and you didn’t do shit about it. Who’s the pussy now?” I grinned at him. His eyes, did that thing they do. What did I just do? I thought to myself

“Well in that case…” he trailed off in that tone, that made my pussy insta-wet.

So, I am wondering. Do other submissives do things to provoke that look and that tone?

See Jane Come

Jane had been begging her perfect husband John to spank her. He was too perfect for that. He was a perfect gentleman, a perfect sweetheart, a perfect caretaker. He was stable chivalry on a silver platter, something she loved about him, most of the time. He was vanilla. He wasn’t vanilla bean, or vanilla with a chocolate swirl. He was old fashioned, homemade vanilla. That, she didn’t love.

No matter how much she begged he wouldn’t take her. It took her months to get him to take her from behind. Jane had just served him a bowl of fruit for dessert, and was headed to join him in the living room when she said something smart. She couldn’t believe her ears when he said “bend over, I think you need a spanking.” She stopped dead in her tracks at the entrance to the room.

The laughs free flowed from her lips. “That would be so hot if you meant it.” (He hadn’t yet learned the tone that made his intentions clear)

“I do. I changed my mind.”

“You changed your mind?” she looked at him utterly confused.

“Yes, instead of being nice, I am going to give you what you deserve” he said blankly. Her face quickly changed from a confusion, to a girlish grin, and back to confusion.

“I am trying to picture you giving me what I deserve,” Jane replied in a whisper.  What the fuck!!, she screamed silently to herself.

John sat down on the firm leather couch, patted his knee, and said “then come accept your punishment”. Jane walked over to him, wearily. Her heart started pounding as she lowered herself over his lap. This is what you’ve wanted, he is giving it to you, she bargained with herself. John could feel how quickly his wife’s breaths were coming.He slowly pulled down her panties, exposing her bare ass. Jane could feel the chill of the air against her newly freed skin, and the dampness that came quickly between her thighs. John looked at the creaminess of her ass, raised his hand and lowered it with ferocity. SMACK!!

“AH!” Jane panted and gasped, as another slap against her ass came. John looked as the blood raised to the surface of his wife’s skin. He was keenly aware and surprised at the pleasure it was bringing him. To see her red and at his mercy. He delivered another blow, stopping when Jane began to whimper beneath him.  He reached to her chin, grabbed it, and turned her head so he could look into her eyes.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” he asked so sweetly.

NO! Never again who are you and what have you done with my husband, Jane thought. “Yes sir,” she replied.

“Good.” Pushing Jane to the floor, “show me how good you’re going to be,” he continued, lifting his hips and pulling his boxers to the floor. Jane looked up at him, in complete awe. Fuck yes. Jane took his cock in her hand, and started stroking it gently.  She figured she would tease him, but she was so turned on she couldn’t wait to have him in her mouth. Jane lowered her head, and shoved her husband down her throat greedily.

“Mmm that’s right baby” John rasped. Invigorated by her husbands pleasure, Jane sucked his cock hard. Releasing him from her mouth only to gently suck on his balls. She loved pleasing him, and as her tongue glided back up to the head of his dick she looked up at him. Promising to commit his face to memory, how glorious he looked being served by her. She took him in her mouth again, pushing him to the back of her throat, over and over again, until he erupted. Jane quickly swallowed all her husband gave her, and gently continued to suck his cock.

John grabbed Janes chin again. Jane licked her lips.Thank you,” she said.

“I think you’ve earned a treat.”

“I am glad you were pleased. What would you like to give me?”

“A cum-filled pussy.” Jane melted with desire. “Lay back,” John demanded.  Jane quickly did as she was instructed. “Hold your legs open.”  Oh My Fucking God, Jane thought her body starting to quiver in anticipation. She grabbed her knees, spreading her legs for her husband. She felt so vulnerable, so raw, and exposed like this. John kneeled before his wife, taking in the sight of her wet pussy glistening under the light. He pushed slightly on her knees, rocking her back, pushing her ass in the air. Jane was astonished, and monumentally turned on.

“Who are you?” she asked her husband, looking him in the eye.

“I am your master,” he replied, spanking her ass again. Holy shit I’ve created a monster Jane thought.

“Right, yes master.

“Maybe you don’t deserve your treat”  John said teasingly. Jane’s eyes gave way to her panic. John paused, searching her eyes, inside he smiled before continuing, “But I want to fuck you anyway.” Jane’s eyes grew wide, as John rammed his dick deep inside her.

“Oh yes baby. . .sir. . .master. . .Oh God YES!” Jane exclaimed as her husband plowed her pussy.

“Whose cock do you love?”

“I love your cock, I love. . . I love your cock so much,’ said Jane almost incoherently.

“And whose pussy is my cock fucking right now?”

“Mine, oh your cock is fucking my pussy so good” Jane responded. John stilled, leaning over Jane. NOOOOO don’t stop she thought.

“Wrong, your pussy belong to me” John said. Jane looked up at her husband threw new eyes, she saw the man she always knew was there.

“Yes Master” she replied. John rammed inside her again,

“Remember that  if you want to keep having my cock” he fucked her harder.

“Yes Master.” As John continued to fuck his wife, Jane  could feel her orgasm approaching, much faster than she wanted. “Master may I come?

John, was enjoying dominating his wife. He wasn’t the ruthless dom he thought she wanted him to be, he granted her request. “Yes, but I am not done until I cum again.”

“Of course Master,” Jane replied, no sooner that she had finished those words, Jane reached her climax, it came over her like a rush of every sensation.

John came quickly again. They laid there on the floor. Jane a whirlwind of feelings. John, trying to come to terms with his own. “A thoroughly filled with cum pussy, good. Now take the rest of your clothes off go to bed. I want you naked in case I decide to have you again later.

“Yes master” Jane obeyed.


I want some!

I found this on one of my fave tumblr pages. When I did, it put a stop to my scrolling. Dead screeching halt to my scrolling.  Those legs say so much.

They say I am daring, sexy and dark. I am silky, soft and pink. I am timeless, priceless, seduction. They say, here, this is for you. Unwrap me for your pleasure, you know you want to. Come, take it. Come on, come take me. Now.