MMM Motorboatin’

Last week was a great week for music. The torturous rush-hour drive to the woodlands was so worth it. I have been able to take in two amazing shows.

Heart  was stunning. Those ladies, have still got it. The perfectly piercing voice was better in person than what I’ve been listening to on the radio for so long.

I rocked, and swayed to Little Big Town’s ode to the pontoon. I stomped my cowgirl boots to the pounding beat of Tornado. Then I got in touch with my bluegrass roots which is a rare occurrence and stomped and clapped along with everyone else not from the Boondocks.

Then Mr. Keith Urban. When I take in a show, I rant and rave and say how great it was, or complain that I wasted my money. NEVER has a performer made me vow to see every show in the future. He was THAT kind of good. He catered to his audience, even those way in the back. He played a show I will never forget, hit after hit, and some hits I forgot I knew. You Mr. Urban gained a lifetime viewer, because whenever you he comes to town me and my tickets will be waiting.

My Canadian Cowboy

Among our friends I at times refer to Jackson as my Canadian Cowboy. He grew up in Mississauga but talks, acts, and listens to music as if he were raised off of a red dirt road in Oklahoma. I am so happy he doesn’t dress like it.

Usually when we are in his truck I know I will be listening to Kenny Chesney, Brooks and Dunn, Garth, Tim, Keith, or Toby,  today I was stunned. When we got in, and he started up the truck it was blasting Aerosmith’s Crazy. I LOVE that song, and quickly protested when he went to turn it down. Then I pressed the repeat button. I know, shame on me.

We have been living together for 2 years and I had no idea the man liked Aerosmith (just when I think I know him. . .). Although he may like it a little less, now that he was subjected to my rendition of Steven Tyler. It is a great song, I hadn’t heard it in years. So I came home and hit youtube. Youtube said they were headed to the Toyota center in a week and a half. I just bought tickets 🙂 Those guys are sure to croak soon, better get the getting while the getting is good!

We are going to have one hell of a week; Aerosmith on Monday, Brothers of the Sun  on Saturday. So in celebration of my recent purchase and upcoming concerts I am posting some of the songs I can’t wait hear live.  Cloud nine!