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Letting Myself Go

This past week has been full of challenging conversations some of which I will share with you all once I’ve developed the courage to do so. Something that I will share now though: I’ve kind of let myself go in one MAJOR way:

  • Self-reflection: I have not been psycho-analyzing myself as much as I used to. Which would be a sign of growth if I didn’t see it as one of my best qualities. I won’t quite say that I’ve sunken to the depths of one of those people that constantly lie to themselves, but I quit being as honest with myself as I used to be. Obviously, that has transferred into my life as mother, a wife, and a submissive. It sucks, but nonetheless very true.

On a brighter note, I probably wouldn’t have caught it had I not come back here an started writing. This is definitely one of those situations where it gets bad before it gets better. This week hasn’t been fun. I’ve also let myself go physically. Yes, I still go to the gym as required by Sir, but it is rote. My eating habits have definitely changed. I will blame that primarily on the job. Teachers are surrounded by food. ALL the time. AHHHH So I decided to do some things.

First up: Keep this bloggy going

Second up: Whole 30. I used to really really really eat healthy with the occasional splurge. Now Splurging happens 8 times a week, and we eat out much more than I cook. It has to stop. So today is day 1 of WHOLE 30 for me. I am nervous and scared of failure. However, I also want my body back. So I am gonna work it. Jackson is slowly coming around to joining me (he can’t seem to give up bacon).

Whole 30

Therefore, I will be chronicling some changes.Hang in there with me!



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