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Thank You for Your Service

This morning I went to Chik-fil-a about thirty minutes before lunch time. I  ordered lunch. This is not a problem at this particular establishment if you  are willing to wait. When I  said “thank you” the cashier said “my pleasure.” 

I enjoy hearing them say that with a smile. 

When I  received my chicken nugget meal I ate my waffle fries as I  wrote in my journal. Then once I  began to delve in my nuggets they were insanely salty. I notified the manager. She apologized; said sometimes that happens, and that she would make some new ones. She brought out a new meal complete with  fresh waffle fries, and watched as I tried the new ones. They too were salty. 

She took back the nuggets, and we settled on strips instead while they fixed the new batches. 

Finally she arrived with the strips, but I no longer had time to sit and enjoy my meal. I  requested she bag them for me. Here is where excellent service prevails. She took the tray which then had cold waffle fries and fresh strips. 

Upon getting settled in my vehicle, I reached into the bag fingers searching the box of strips. What surprised me was there was yet again a fresh hot container of waffle fries. 

Not many fast food restaurants would bother attempting to get it right so many times, or take care to make sure that they did what they could to ensure their customer was happy. 

I won’t remember the bad nuggets, but I  will remember the wonderful service. Customer service at it’s finest. 

What is on your mind?

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