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An Anatomical Matter

A few nights ago Lola was going haywire. She was in desperate need of attention. Sir was in a deep slumber, and I being the good little submissive that I  try to be, didn’t want to wake him,  and couldn’t masturbate. 

What is a girl to do except fall asleep plotting just how to get my hands on Sir’s most.. useful anatomical part?

I  quickly settled on an early morning approach. So I  set my fit bit to wake me ten minutes before his alarm went off.  

Waking up horny I tore my pjs off heading to his side of the bed.  After kneeling , I took in his sleeping form.  He really is sexy as helll, even covered in sheets. 

I was going to wait until his alarm sounded,  but the need was too great.  “Jackson” I whispered.  

Sleepily he acknowledged me.  

“I need you babe” my voice thick with need and sex.  

He looked down at me, and proceeded to swipe fingers between my folds causing me to groan.  

“So it seems. I could get used to waking this way.”

“Mmm-mmm that don’t work” I said singing part of the chorus to one of my favorite songs.  With a smirk I took what I needed in my hand,  stroking through the sheets.  “Babe” I moaned,  as he continued his fingered assault. I  rose from my position.  ” Guess how I’d like to wake every day” I climbed on the bed straddling him.  My pussy inches away from his face.  

“I won’t shut you down like you did me” he said nipping my inner thigh, sending sharp sensations through me,  “tell me more” he said as he moved his tongue against my labia. 

I  grabbed both of his hands,  moving them up my body,  to my breasts, he massaged and squeezed both handfuls as I began to rock against his mouth. “This,” I said ” I’d like to wake up to your tongue inside me. Knowing your lips taste like me.” Reaching back I captured his cock,  and continued stroking.  “Knowing you’re hard for me, mmm god I want to impale myself on you.”

Separating his tongue from my clit he simply said “Go ahead.”

Moving quickly I aligned him with my entrance,  and slowly sank, letting him stretch me.  “Thank y..”

“Don’t. Thank you” he said slightly strained. “That cunt feels so fucking good.” 

I purred, and got to work,  fucking myself with his cock.  Riding him, feeling every inch as it slides home.  It took a moment to realize he wasn’t touching me.  His hands behind his head he simply watched.  I quickened my pace,  so close to my goal.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” a crescendo escaped my lips,  as his hands came from their nest to steady my hips, as he began to thrust meeting me.

“That’s it baby. Come all over my cock.” 

Like a good girl, I did. Moments later he followed me down the rabbit hole. 

“Mmm thank you love” I said with a sated grin,  rolling over.  He smacked my ass as he got out of bed.  “Wait!” Moving back across the bed I sucked all of our juices off of him.  ” now you can go.” I said with a bigger grin.  

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