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Is More than Two Really a Crowd?

One of the best things about writing again is reading again. I have been able to delve into other’s thoughts and feelings, and it has been great thus far. The writer over at Poly Pride… (sorry I should know this writer’s name) wrote “Why are you Polyamorous?” The post really got me thinking.

For an admittedly extremely brief time, I submitted to a woman that was here it is… married to another woman. One of the best parts of our relationship was that I was able to ask questions that I wasn’t able to before.

For example… as a female that quite often finds females sexually attractive I didn’t (and still don’t) understand what she saw in her cross-dressing wife (is that the correct term? someone correct me if I am being politically incorrect. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around finding a woman that looked like a man sexy… really I have a man for that, and he was quite sexy. I digress.

I also tried to understand polyamory. I asked her how it was any different from ‘an open marriage’. She wasn’t able to give me a fulfilling answer. After getting to know her wife, I even asked her, again, no true understanding.

I say all of this because after all of these years a blog post has really made it clear for me. I am far too possessive to be poly. Now, I am all for the occasional play partner with Sir’s permission of course. A play partner is not on the same plane as my Dominant and Husband. I understand that others feel the same way.

I can’t have two of those. I don’t want two of those. I want him to be mine ALL mine, and I want to be his ALL his. I need to own my partners body to feel secure in my relationship.

So yea I am selfish. I want to own and be owned, and if I have it my way this will be the endgame of all romantic relationships.

The best part of all of it, that I have gained some clarity on those that are polyamorous. I salute their selflessness.

5 thoughts on “Is More than Two Really a Crowd?

    • Ah, TK, Sam here, nice to meet you.

      Honesty, is extremely important. On the first day of class every year a good ten minutes of my Welcome to My Class speech covers honesty, mostly to ones self.
      I’ve actually been discussing the topic of poly vs monogamy with the Sir since your post. How somewhat barbaric and primal it is to want to say MINE. Also, how seemingly ridiculous and slightly anti-feminist (in my case) to desire a ring and a collar to show that I am a possession. Nonetheless I LOVE it. To each their own yes?
      More so, I’ve grown in my respect for those of you ‘on the other side of the coin’. Maintaining one relationship is difficult enough for me. I can only imagine the strength needed to sustain more than one. I humbly curtsy you all.

  1. I like reading into the minds of poly people. People that think differently than I fascinate me. I’m monogamous and so is my kitty. I wouldn’t want to share and she doesn’t want to be shared. I have given her the option if need be, you never know. But so far we are content 🙂

    • Mmm sweet contentment. It is severely underrated. I’m glad you and Kitty have found it in eachother.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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