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On My Hands and Knees

So, I’ve heard of these people that enjoy cleaning. I am not one of them. Today was my version of spring cleaning (round one), and while cleaning, there was some time to ponder and reflect.

This little space of mine has been geared towards my personal choices and the BDSM lifestyle with some random pieces thrown in. Now that I am attempting to make a writing comeback I sort of need a general focus. So while I was on my hands and needs scrubbing the tile floor in the kitchen, and wishing Jackson was home to find me in said wonderfully compromising position,


I figured  lets just keep it the same.

There will be an incredible journey to share with you all as I attempt to re-discover myself. I am truly a bit ashamed of who I am as a submissive right now. I feel as if I have let  husband  and Dominant down. I feel as if I haven’t continued to be the woman and submissive I promised him  way back when all of this happened, and it has to change. When September comes we will celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I think it is time now to work on something fantastic for him.

Let the planning and plotting begin!



3 thoughts on “On My Hands and Knees

  1. Oooh I like plotting! Also, I’ve been meaning to leave cleaning as a punishment but I keep going with my hands and her over my knee. An outfit that’s revealing! That could do the job!

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