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Parental Achievements

My parents celebrated yet another anniversary, It was surprising because a couple of years I didn’t think they were going to make it. However, like most awesome couples they pulled through. They continue to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to me for my marriage.

This time of the year always brings about reflection. At first glance, I just want to focus on the future. Promise not to make the same mistakes that I have made this year. What I wanted to do today though, was to focus not on my wrongs, but on the rights. What have I done this year that makes me a better mother, wife, daughter, and person? 

As a mother I have chosen not to ignore the nagging gut feelings, the red flags, and other warning signs that tell me something is not right with my child. I have refused to be that parent that says ”

not my child”

. While I haven’t taken the steps to diagnose my son, I do know that he needs help beyond what I can give him. This will be remedied in the new year.

The other hats I wear will have to be addressed at a later date.  Always a sexy work in progress.

What is on your mind?

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