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Surviving First Semester

It is December 21st, and my life has turned upside down. I have changed occupations completely. I have taken a fairly large paycut, and this is the first moment I have had to think about wiritng.

Even though I feel like my IQ has dropped significantly from dealing with minutely educated 8th graders, I am estatic that I have survived my first semester of teaching inner city minority kids. Is it wrong to give myself a pat on the back right now? Is it wrong to say gooooo fucking me, I am awesome. If it is oh well, because I am doing it!

I have to weeks to recoup, and then I will be back in the trenches again. Two whole weeks of freedom, and where am I? Here trying to write again. God I hope I can still write. Crossing fingers.

3 thoughts on “Surviving First Semester

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    • I have come such a long way since this post. I wouldn’t think twice about patting myself on the back. Towards the end of last year I felt invincible just for showing up to work lol. New school next year, maybe my attitude will change.

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