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Just Who OWNS Whom?

Forgive any errors or odd trains of thought within this post. I wrote by the seat of my pants as usual, but I was exhausted when I started writing it and chose not to go back and edit, but to just pick up where I left off.


Anyone that has been in this lifestyle knows there are rules. For the most part I say fuck them. No one knows where the rules came from. No one knows why some people tend to cling to them as if their whole world would fall apart. Some things you just don’t say when it comes to wiitwd. One of my bloggy besties (can I refer to a Dom as a bloggy bestie? feels odd, yet fitting…) said one of those things.

He came out of the Dom watering hole, walked right into the middle of town square and said ‘ his submissive has all the power‘. The slightly amusing part of this was the title, and a request he had not to tell his submissive this secret. So I decided to let him in on a secret of our own. We know! *looks for lightening* If you are going down I am going down with you JK!

Now for all of you “rules” people, give me a moment, and let me explain.

I will be the first to admit this doesn’t apply to all D/s relationships. Though my guess is the better majority. Many of us subbies are strong, confident, amazing specimens of dominant women. One of my favorite shows is “Suits” have you seen it? Jessica Pearson is fucking awesome. She is one of my favorite characters. I see so much of myself in her. Essentially she is me, without a husband and child. I also see what the writers don’t write. You see, a woman like that can’t stand a pussy of a man. (rules people I KNOW men can be submissive too, but for the purpose of this post they aren’t attractive) Jessica Pearson finds a man that can go at her toe for toe. She finds a dominant man that can and will put and keep her in her place, and let me tell you she OWNS that man.

Kind of like how I OWN my Dom, and how Sofia (not to be too presumptuous) OWNS JK.  It isn’t some screwed up switch of the minds. The thing is these men are exceptionally strong—that is half of the appeal. Yet if they were to have an Achilles heel it would be their submissive. The D/s bond is so strong as submissives we have the power to turn our Doms into putty. Yet, we never will. We never use that power in a way that would destroy the dynamic we have worked so hard to build. We yield to them, and to their power with every fiber of our being. Hmm did I just define submissive?

Might I just say I am writing this knowing my Dom will never see it, and that these words, would never actually come out of my mouth in his presence. Full disclosure and all.

6 thoughts on “Just Who OWNS Whom?

  1. Meh, leave it — who cares if you offend someone? I can’t even imagine someone being offended… ! Besides, no one owns this, you can say what you want. Personally, I don’t want to have that kind of power over a Master… but yeah, I’d still want to be his only weakness if he’s got to have one 😉

    • Heh Mala I like the way you think. I wouldn’t have taken it down but I know when I’m ranting I may be slightly insensitive. I’d like to see the pitch forks coming for me that is all.

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