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Thank you Sir, but that was rude!

Yesterday I was mid-full-on-fantasy-mode. I had waited patiently for my Tuesday, only to have it ruined by quite the forceful fiancee.

Here is some background…One of my favorite bloggers had written part one of yummy tale. He is really good at what he does, leaving many a submissive all wanton. The best part, I wast late to the party of part one and part two, was right behind. 🙂 I like not having to wait, but I digress. You see I had a date. Tuesday, was my day to play with my DP.  Some technical issues kept me from enjoying my DP, but alas we were able to have some fun. (Me, my favorite dildo, and my hitachi had SO much fun)

I wasn’t done with my DP though, when Jackson came home. I knew I would have to get back to reality when he and my son came home, get back to the domestic life for the night. Surprise though, my son wasn’t with him. I gleefully returned to my play with the DP, when I was attacked. I wanted to mind, but when there is a hand wrapped around your neck one tends to get lost in the moment.

It was a good moment, that turned into many moments, that turned into a really long night. When I woke this morning, bruised, and sore I looked at my Dom and said thank you. Then let him know rude he was for interrupting my long awaited internet fuck with my DP. Some people show now regard for others!

12 thoughts on “Thank you Sir, but that was rude!

    • He gave me a look, and asked in THAT tone letting me know the answer before he finished the question, if I was suggesting that he ask before he takes what is his? The answer was no. Then he let me know that my bruises were strategically placed. When I looked again I noticed they were. They think of everything don’t they DP

  1. LOL!

    One of my fave lines:
    “…but when there is a hand wrapped around your neck one tends to get lost in the moment.”

    • Heh it does sweets. You know somewhere in the back of your mind there is something you should be doing, but you just don’t care anymore. Then you feel bad about it later. Not tooo bad of course…

      • LOL! Actually, I love that feeling. — know there’s something you should be doing but just don’t care. Hehehe! And feeling too bad afterwards. 😀

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