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MMM Motorboatin’

Last week was a great week for music. The torturous rush-hour drive to the woodlands was so worth it. I have been able to take in two amazing shows.

Heart  was stunning. Those ladies, have still got it. The perfectly piercing voice was better in person than what I’ve been listening to on the radio for so long.

I rocked, and swayed to Little Big Town’s ode to the pontoon. I stomped my cowgirl boots to the pounding beat of Tornado. Then I got in touch with my bluegrass roots which is a rare occurrence and stomped and clapped along with everyone else not from the Boondocks.

Then Mr. Keith Urban. When I take in a show, I rant and rave and say how great it was, or complain that I wasted my money. NEVER has a performer made me vow to see every show in the future. He was THAT kind of good. He catered to his audience, even those way in the back. He played a show I will never forget, hit after hit, and some hits I forgot I knew. You Mr. Urban gained a lifetime viewer, because whenever you he comes to town me and my tickets will be waiting.

28 thoughts on “MMM Motorboatin’

  1. Glad you had an awesome time and glad to know he’s a good performer and produces an unforgettable show. So, that means he really knows what he’s saying when he gives to the American Idol contestants, huh? I’ll never look at him the same way again, when I see him on that show. 😉

      • Miss you right back! But I’ll always visit your blog, so you’ll see me here. I think KU is a pretty cool judge. Up until the show, I’d never really paid attention to him. I just knew that he was married to that actress, Nicole. Oh and you haven’t been missing anything on AI, but in honor of KU, you may enjoy it a bit. 🙂

      • Lol I love how you just referred to her as that actress Nicole. P.S. when I was at the concert I found out that he was totally poly. He had at least 50 wives there.

      • Oh yea, see when you’re that sexy, you play a guitar, you have hair that begs to be pulled, and you sing, you tend to get a lot of women screaming that they are married to you (I was one of them, why not everyone else was doing it)

      • LOL! I hear you, girl! Although I normally look at the drummers or bassists, I may have been yelling along with you at the concert. Like I said, because of you, I’ll be looking at Keith very differently now. And yes, his wife Nicole. 😛

      • Wait a minute. That didn’t come out right. The part about Nicole. I will not be looking at Nicole. LOL! I just meant, yeah, I refer to his wife as that actress Nicole. 🙂

  2. Look at you two… 🙂
    Glad to see you are adjusting your halo to fit you. I for one don’t need any adjusting. 😉

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