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The Angry Dominant

Dominants are known for their control. They feel emotion of course, but it is rare, if ever, you will find them losing control of their emotions.

But when they do….

Just hope it isn’t directed at you…


I’ve seen Jackson visibly upset. I’ve heard the change in his voice when someone pushed the wrong button. I have seen him when someone touched me in a way he wouldn’t allow. I’ve seen his emotions range, but always cool, always collected.

A few days ago I saw him angry. I watched his face turn a color I have never seen before. I heard his voice lower to a tone I have never heard before. I watched the veins in his neck, and arm come to life. It was scary and it was HOT.

It is quite amazing what makes a submissive want to kneel. Seeing him like that, all that perfect masculine power on the verge of explosion (that wasn’t my fault) was by far one of the hottest moments I have ever witnessed.

The best part of all? He turned to me to make it all better. There is such honor in that. Being his haven of reason. Getting a chance to give him a little of what he gives me everyday.

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