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Author Anger

Do you write reviews? I spend too much time on amazon I always read the reviews, but I never write them. The need simply wasn’t there until now.

Never in my life have I come to resent an author. I feel led on, betrayed, and as if I have been slapped in the face by failed expectation.

The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day was supposed to be a trilogy. I am not sure what the thing is with trilogies these days as if people can’t simply write one book anymore, but honestly I welcome the continuation of a story when it is necessary. A lot of times when I am finished with a book I find myself missing the characters, but the truth is eventually the story has to end.

I read the first two books of this trilogy, and I loved them. They were right up my girly alley. Then I waited for December to come to read the last book Entwined With You. It was pushed back time and time again. Then when I get it, I get this piece of crap book. I am pretty sure with an awesome editor I could have written that book, maybe even better.

There is a certain rhythm to books, we all know it. Different variations of starting, different variations of middle, but a vital part of a book is the climax. It happens at different spots, but there should always be at least one climax that is resolved. A moment to let the reader get all built up and invested, and then something to let the reader breathe, and say ‘ah, all will be okay–for now’.  Sometimes there is a climax, with a cliffhanger that sends the reader into another book. What you don’t do, is give readers nothing but a boring two week look into a fictional characters life, with no climax, and no resolution. What you don’t do is decide that your readers are complete idiots and don’t know crappy literature when they read it. What you don’t do is decide that your wallet is more important that your loyal readers and say screw them all, you can wait.

Such shameful disappointment. Now I need an excellent new book to read so I can quit being pissed about this one.

10 thoughts on “Author Anger

  1. This experience rings true with me, too. I was reading a fantasy series (I won’t name it for the sake of spoilers), and the first two books were brilliant, and the story actually resolved itself in book two. Then, in book three, the author had to force the main character to need to go away and fight in this distant battle, so he (the author) found contrived and out of character ways for the other people from the previous books to leave him/go away so he had nothing left, and what followed was a story with no real purpose or conclusion. I spent the whole time missing the previous characters, and refusing to believe that his relationship would have ended how it did.

    I also agree with the point you make that no one seems able to write a single book anymore (or two books, or four). It always has to be trilogies, and even though I love fantasy, I’m a bit fed up of seeing ‘Volume […] in the blah blah triology’ at the top of every book on the shelf.

    • Somewhat, glad and sad that I am not the only one.
      As far as the trilogy thing, I would have been okay with three books, but after telling the readers it would be a trilogy, at the end of book three, we find out it will be a quintet. Ridiculous!

    • I disagree about first two being brilliant. I thought they were entertaining, but basically trashy

      • Yes trashy, but that is what we love about them. They at least followed the flow of a book and didn’t leave the reader angry.

    • Well I wasn’t going to touch those similarities, but since you brought it up…

      The saying “there is nothing new under the sun” usually rings true. Having it thrown in your face though is something else.

      Corinne is Elena, except in this book we get to see the husbands POV

      In the beginning Gideon had some similarities to Christian, now it is just uncanny.
      I could go on and on, it is just sad.

  2. That disappointments me about the book…I’ve read the first and LOVED it…I haven’t read the second, but I was excited about the third coming out…now, not so much… 😦

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