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Guilty Pleasure of the Day

Today was a pretty sad day in Houston. Last week four firefighters were killed in a hotel fire. The memorial service was held today at reliant stadium. The procession, although moving, was insane, and traffic was more horrendous than normal.

So this afternoon when I got off work, and I could actually drive I was excited. I love driving. What makes driving better than simply speeding? Having a great song blasting as you do it. Now on a normal day I’d have pandora playing all the songs I am sure to like if not love. Today the actual radio was on and as I flipped through the channels I heard the familiar strum of a guitar. It was AWESOME. The only problem was that this particular song, isn’t one you want to love. As a matter of fact, you wish you’d hate it, but it is just so damn catchy. My head started nodding, my hips started moving, my hand started tapping the steering wheel,  and then I gave in when the chorus kicked in, and I sang.

so I put my hands up
they’re playing my song,
and the butterflies fly away
noddin’ my head like yeah
movin’ my hips like yeah
I got my hands up,
they’re playin’ my song
I know I’m gonna be okay
yeaaaaaaah, it’s a party in the USA
yeaaaaaaah, it’s a party in the USA


The song goes off as I hit a red light, and I look to my left and my right. Good, no one saw…. The moment is over, except its not. That DAMN song is stuck in my head. So I came here to my dear readers. Misery sure loves company.

I’ve watched the video twice now much to the chagrin of the man that has to listen to me, Enjoy!



11 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure of the Day

  1. First time I’ve heard this song (and seen the video) all the way through — because of you. 🙂

  2. hahaha I had to watch the whole video due to a certain little dom that HAD to watch it… He loved it. 🙂

      • hahahhaha not C.J. I’ll never dream of calling him “Little”
        yikes, that thought alone makes me want to go hide into a corner. 🙂
        Think smaller and younger… way way way younger…. 🙂

      • For the record, I looked at that, and thought hmmm, she is gonna be in trouble for that one, but decided not to say anything, shouldn’t draw unwanted attention.

        Smaller, younger, I understand, and that is so much more fitting.

      • LMAO yes our comment exchange could have gotten me in trouble…. lucky for me he is not in WP and won’t be on for a bit longer… not that it matters because I will show him this. lol
        I am really laughing over here.

      • laugh away, you should have seen my face when I read it. That would have really made you laugh.
        I am headed out for a wet cold night on the town love, talk to you soon!

      • Hope you enjoy last night despite being cold and wet… not a good combo if you ask me. 🙂

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