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TMI Tuesday: What is in your ice box?

What’s in your refrigerator (and freezer)?
1. Anything alcoholic? beer, wine, bottle of champagne?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Jackson drinks beer (eww) I am the wine lover, and and who doesn’t like a little champagne.
2. Any guilty pleasures? Anything chocolate? Any ice cream?

My guilty pleasure right now is gourmet popcorn of the pineapple upside down cake flavor. I would have some in the fridge, but I ate it all earlier. I needed to get it out of the house. In the freezer we have some all natural fruit bars. Does that count as ice cream?
3. Any really old bottles of condiments?

Yes, a very old bottle of sweet and sour sauce, and an ancient package of whey protein. *trashing now*
4. Frozen pizza? Other frozen quick dinners?

Yaa I can finally say no. There aren’t any frozen dinners in my house.
5. Anything actually rotten or moldy?

6. What do you have in your fridge that the rest of us probably

hmm maybe a rutabaga. I am not sure how popular they are, but they are yummy.

Bonus:  In the novel Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth, the main character, Alexander Portnoy, masturbates using a liver steak as well as a cored-out apple. Have you ever masturbated with food? What?

I have never masturbated with food. Wait is ice considered a food? It is kept in the freezer….

Bonus, bonus:  We’re curious, how many phallic shaped foods are in your refrigerator?

We have bananas, everything else doesn’t quite make the cut.

6 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: What is in your ice box?

  1. 2. How interesting, your gourmet popcorn. I’m sure it tastes good. 🙂
    6. How do you prepare the rutabaga?

    • It is amazing sweets. They have some flavors I am just scared to try, but so many of them I have tried were amazing. I had no idea what one could do with popcorn.

      I think my way of cooking is technically wrong. You are supposed to cut it first, but that is hard. So I stick it in the microwave for a while and let it get soft. I can’t tell you how long it depends on the rutabaga. It will start to “leak” so be prepared for a bit of a mess. Once the skin is soft, it is easy to peel, and then cut. Do so, and then I finish it is off in the oven or by boiling to salvage some of the nutrients. Then I mash them.
      They don’t take long and you do have to watch them. If they overcook they go to mush, and even mashing them wont save the texture.

      • Now you have me craving this type of popcorn. 🙂

        Interesting about the rutabaga. I’ve never had it before. When I see it at store, next time, I will pick it up. 🙂

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