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It’s Pink?!?

I’ve tried very hard to keep my wedding craziness to a minimum. I now need to rant. There is a show called Four Weddings. Each bride gets judged in four categories, venue, dress, food, and overall experience. I’ve been enjoying it, looking at mistakes I don’t want to make. This one bride served prime rib. This is good, in my opinion.

Yet before it arrives at the table, a judging bride says and I quote “I hope it’s not pink.” are you effing kidding me??? Do you not have a brain, a non pink prime rib, is a perfect waste of prime rib. Then she had the nerve to knock her off points, for the meat being pink.

I am telling you all of this because I realized that my  reaction to these people that I don’t know is not logical. I was really pissed off. It doesn’t make any sense. Sigh, the bridezilla is coming.

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