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What is the tell?

In my previous post The Invisible Ring I talked about Mr. Nguyen somehow within a business lunch figured out that I am a submissive. It has been nagging at me. I can’t pick out a Dom, not really. There are certain characteristics and personality traits that tend to go hand in hand with a dominant man. I can’t say though that without them making it known that I can really tell.

This guy though, could tell. He knew exactly what to say, how to touch me, how close to stand, how to approach me to make my body react in a way that was most unpleasant. So  I am wondering what everyone else thinks. To the subbies, do you know of certain tells you have? To the Dom’s what do you see that lets you know “that one will do whatever I ask?”

4 thoughts on “What is the tell?

  1. Reblogged this on MaríMar and commented:
    My Doppelgänger has asked this:
    To the subbies, do you know of certain tells you have? To the Dom’s what do you see that lets you know “that one will do whatever I ask?”

    I am also curious and I want to see what you think as well… 🙂

  2. There are some subtle things submissive women do when they’re around me. Very subtle, and I admit much of the time I don’t pick up on it right away because my head isn’t in that space all the time. Hard to describe the signs. It’s in the way she speaks to me, a very slightly deferential manner. It’s in the way she doesn’t move when I get close enough to touch her, but it’s more than that because it has to do with the way she stands, holds her head, directs her eyes, when i get close. It’s in the way she’ll always go where I direct her in the restaurant, or allow me to gently direct her with the palm of my hand on her lower back. In a business setting it’s very difficult because most submissive women are dominant at work, but I can sometimes see that dominance change when she’s interacting with me instead of with the other men in the office. Like I said, it’s all very subtle, and you’d have to see videos of the interactions to really pick up on it. Now just because she’s acting submissively does not mean she’s inviting me to do as Mr. Nguyen did. That’s crossing a line in the business world.
    Now, once I can touch her, such as put my hand on her hair, then it’s much much easier to see the signs.

    • Thanks for commenting JK. Thankfully I wasn’t recorded, I am not sure I’d enjoy the replay.

      Wise man knowing that simply acting submissively is not an invitation, we obviously can’t help ourselves sometimes. I felt he crossed the line the moment he touched me in the very least. I think I would have said something if he actually worked with me, but I doubt I will see him again anytime soon.

      I shall give up on my quest for figuring out exactly what I did.

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