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I Smiled

My heart was still pounding, but slowly returned to a normal pace, my breathing slowing as well. I was hot, the sweat seeking escape from between our bodies. Jackson lay motionless, still inside me. His teeth not leaving my shoulder.

My hair clinged to me along with the distinct smell of sex. I needed a shower.

When he finally rolled over to his side of the bed, my body welcomed the breeze of cool air.

My hand drifted to my neck, moving the perspiration down my body to my breast. My nipples still perked and sore from the activities. I circled them with my fingers and continued on. The creamy wetness met my fingers. I swirled it around my clit, a moan escaping my throat. I brought my fingers between my lips and sucked softly.

“Sweet isn’t it.”Tumblr 3

Caught wet handed, I put my hand down, and I smiled.

13 thoughts on “I Smiled

      • 🙂
        I so want to say more… Much much more but keeping with my teasing persona I’ll stop here. 😉
        Kisses you — everywhere.

      • *blink blink* I left home before reading that.
        You know those full length glass panels they put right next to your office door so you can never quite be in private? I hate them.
        You my dear are starting to get just as bad as Jackson completely making my work day too interesting. Thank goodness it is Thursday.

      • 🙂 Now I am liking the fact that I am being compared to Jackson and making your work day “interesting”.
        How I wish I could just show up and really show you how “interesting” it could get…. as for the glass panels… Don’t worry. You will forget about them soon… 😉

      • Yaaaa I didn’t see that earlier, it would have sent me reeling. Sigh, You insanely sexy woman, Stop it!

        P.S. Since you can’t actually hear me, I will let you know that the “stop” was in that ‘no really, please don’t stop ever’ “stops”

      • Hehehe
        You started it a while ago. 🙂

        And you know I can’t deny you… I won’t stop. 🙂
        Hugs you tighter.

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