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The Invisible Ring

As soon as I titled this post, I thought about the hobbit. This is NOT a nerdy post, about middle earth.

A few weeks ago, or a month ago or so, I really don’t remember, and it doesn’t matter. We were watching How I Met Your Mother, Robyn and Barney just got engaged, and suddenly Robyn could no longer be seen by men. Her bright and shiny engagement ring made her invisible. Apparently, it happens, let me tell you why…


Yesterday I had a lunch meeting with a bunch of guys, my boss, his boss, a secretary, and a head hunter they were meeting with. Now that I think about it, I am not sure why I was needed. Yet I was there. Toward the end of the lunch I excused myself to head to the ladies room. When I came out the head hunter was there, leaning against the wall.

I looked at him questionably while I placed my compact back in my purse. He finally spoke “hi.”

“hello again” I said before continuing down the hall. He stepped in front of me. Way too close. My eyes narrowed. “What can I do for you Mr. Nguyen?”

“You clench your teeth when you hear someone say something ignorant. Did you know that?”

“Yes” I did actually, a lot of times my jaw would hurt after meetings like this. It is sad, but a woman must know her place at a table of men.

“Your eyes, they narrow slightly when you’re thinking of what to say, like you did a moment ago, like you are now.”

“I answered your question, are you going to answer mine?”

Ignoring my inquiry he said, “Have dinner with me tonight,” with that tone, making it perfectly clear that he wasn’t asking. That tone, that made my body respond in ways out of my control.  I quickly wondered if he had pegged me some way. He smiled, “you’re doing it again.”

“My fiance wouldn’t appreciate that.” I swallowed watching his reaction.

He reached for my left hand, “A fiance that hasn’t appropriately claimed you?” I glanced at my hand and sure enough my ring wasn’t there. The slight differentiation in my skin tone gave it away though. His thumb skimmed across the ring of flesh. ‘Stop touching me, my god this is how things start’ I thought.

Retracting my hand, “I must have left it after cleaning the kitchen this morning. We should get back,” I said excusing myself.


So… the entire afternoon I had the fun time of trying to figure out exactly how to tell Jackson of my little encounter. This whole honesty thing is a pain sometimes. Then I realized, I hadn’t been getting hit on. It has been forever. That ring!! The thing made me invisible. I guess it I should see that as a good thing. It spares me the conversation I had to have. The guilt I had being turned on by another man. I am all for appreciating someones looks, and Jackson is free to look all he wants as well. Getting all turned on by some other female is out of the question. It was the tone though. I think I shall discuss that in another post. Along with the question about my being pegged. Yes, another post, until then.


11 thoughts on “The Invisible Ring

  1. Maybe you were the eye candy to make things go smoothly or maybe to keep the men in line… maybe a little of both?

    That whole honesty thing is a pain but in the best possible way, It’s so freeing 🙂

    I often wondered about some of the men that come across my life as of late and have wondered if they were Dom’s. The certainly had the characteristics to be one. I think it might be the same for them. As for what hints I may drop as a sub… *shrugs* I don’t know.

    I totally understand your body responding involuntary… It’s shocking and I don’t like it either. I don’t like not having my body in control. Remember my sub of honor story when C.J. and I met with another couple. When I first met the guy I wasn’t really that attracted to him. I mean he was nice enough but I just met him. As the night went on all four us where in the same room. C.J. with the wife and I am with the husband, so he’s kissing me and I am like Ok he’ a nice kisser but not sure yet then he talks to me and as he doing that his hand reaches up to my neck and just squeezes hard enough to let me know that his hand is there and he can squeeze harder if he wanted to. His other hand was grabbing my hair and fuck my subbie switch turn on…. All of the sudden I was responding to him. I wanted him. It was unnerving and I reached over to C.J. because it took me by surprised.
    Anyway, this long winded post is to tell you don’t feel bad.. It’s so primal that you can’t help but to react but you can walk away from it. I am sure Jackson will agree..

    Con Amor Amiga,

    • I’d love to know what gave me away. I am guessing it was something subtle that only a dom would notice. Another post…
      I do remember your story. I am glad to know I am not the only one without control. There was a post coming about that as well. I keep finding things to write about, but lacking the time to write them.
      Agreed, you can walk away. In that moment I knew it could go so many ways. I’ve always thought that being faithful was a choice, but I’ve never been tempted, not even a little. Affirmation, its a choice, maybe a split second one sometimes, but a choice.

      • oooh you changed your background… I like it 🙂
        I came here to tell you something profound but I have forgotten it…lol
        I’ll just said as long as you and Jackson are on the same page that is all that matters. 🙂

      • hehe I’ve been toying around with it. I am glad you like. I want to read something profound 😦 Ah well we have fleeting minds sometimes. I agree with you, and for the most part we stay on the same page,

  2. For men it’s the opposite. The moment a ring becomes visible, so does he. Women seemed to come out of the woodwork to talk to me, flirt with me, the moment I began wearing a wedding band. I remember thinking “where were all of you last year?”.

    • It is because we females are treacherous creatures by nature, always wanting what we can’t have because someone else has it first. We have to be trained to change. Sad, but true.

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  4. I kind of love that sometimes my body just responds for me. It helps to make me feel helpless and good even if it does get me into trouble sometimes. I once gave my underwear to a friend of mine at a bar, even though I wasn’t particularly attracted to him. He just new precisely the right way to talk to me to get me acting how he wanted.

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