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30 Days of Kink ~Day 20

Day 20: Talk about something within kink/bdsm that you’re curious about/don’t understand.

I have never understood the daddy/daughter aspect of kink. Occasionally Jackson will feed me the “who’s your daddy?” line, but honestly whenever he says it I respond appropriately but inside I am thinking. Not you, how about you stick to being my dom, and then as if he read my mind, he wraps his hands around my throat and makes me suck his cock.

I already have a daddy, I surely don’t need another one.

6 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink ~Day 20

  1. The parent/child dynamic has to do with the submissive wanting a nurturing, structure-oriented dominant. Sometimes the submissive is also a ‘little’ that wants that to be part of the dynamic as well.

    • Yea people have tried to explain it to me. In general I get it. In more of a to each his or her own sort of way. I don’t understand because I don’t feel it. Much in the same way as me trying to explain to a vanilla why I NEED to be spanked bruised and beaten. They will never quite get it.

  2. Uhm, I must ask, why does this post clash terribly with #3 from “Day 2 – List your kinks”?

    Here’s what you wrote then:
    “3. Age play I love it when he asks “what can Daddy do for you?””
    And now it’s:
    “how about you stick to being my dom”?

    I just want to know (if you don’t mind sharing, that is) what exactly happened that made you change your mind so drastically.

    I actually wondered (still am, to be honest) if maybe there’s more than one writer for this blog lol.

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