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Name Calling

What I was going to write, reminded me of an awful Rihanna song that I hate.  So now I can’t write it. I will just get to the point.

Today he called me a sex-starved-nympho. (Whose fault is that???)

Then he called me a cock-hungry-whore. (Again whose fault is that???)

I feel the normal response to such insults should be anger, or something of the sort. Me, I am just totally turned on because he yelled those words at me whilst I was restrained, enduring one of the best spankings I have had in a really long time. Today was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Name Calling

  1. Congratulations on your good day.
    My response on this post though, shows my age. While you’re thinking of a Rhianna song, Ice Cube comes to mind for me, with “Today was a good day.” You must have been 8 when that came out. 🙂

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