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Yesterday I was jovial. The whole day passed without someone pissing me off (this is rare). When I got home, finished dinner and the subsequent cleaning I played on the wii u withr the boys. My son looks at me and says “you’re in a good mood mom”. Am I usually in a bad one? đŸ™‚

So my over analytical self started to think about why I was in such a good mood. It didn’t take long to figure out. I’m still on a sub high, a whole 24 hours later. It has been so long I’ve forgotten what this feels like. I’ll revel in it while it lasts.

9 thoughts on “High

  1. oooh girl I am so envious and ecstatically happy for you.
    I hope you don’t drop as well..
    I was lucky this last time I saw Him I didn’t crash at all. I was hoping I wouldn’t and I am so glad when it didn’t happen.

    How are you today my friend?


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