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The Bachelor

So this show is still going. I find it repulsive. I just don’t get it. This grown woman just said “he’s perfect”. To me that just says you are extremely immature. NO man or woman is perfect, and the fact that anyone would think so, just says they are dumb.

I put this on, for background noise. I regret it. What a waste of TV space.

3 thoughts on “The Bachelor

  1. What do you mean it’s the best show evah!!!! EVAH I tell ya!!!
    sheesh and I thought you were my doppelganger…
    oh wait you are because I truly dislike that show as well… for so many reasons. 🙂

    As for perfection… it’s in the eye of the beholder…. I think that C.J. is perfect… perfect for me and what I need. 🙂

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