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Salivating…down there…

This morning he had an early meeting. Our morning routine was disrupted. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind. What happened was better. The opportunity to watch him in his morning routine without me was fascinating, and because I am almost always horny lately, it was hot, really really hot.

I watched him come out of the shower wearing his towel. I wanted it to fall off, and then it did. It made me smile. Then as I watched him walk around the room his flaccid penis between his legs, this overwhelming desire to make him hard hit me. Sigh, I am bad I know. Might I say you should all be proud of me! I left him alone. I let him put his clothes out, and dress, boxers, socks, t-shirt, pants, shoes, dress shirt, tie.

I watched him in silence and the whole time all I wanted to do was take every piece of clothing back off, and beg him to come back to bed with me. When he was done he walked over to me, kissed me goodbye. I was okay until he kissed me. Then I needed him more, I lengthened the kiss, and then I deepened the kiss, and then I was a good girl promising myself I’d be a hell of a bad one when he got home.

8 thoughts on “Salivating…down there…

  1. I do this and feel this way every time I watch my husband getting dressed or undressed. And much too many times do I find that I need to restrain myself as well. I hope to enjoy catching up and reading more of you! xxx

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