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Winter Sucks

It isn’t the snow that makes me hate it, or the cold. Living in the steamy city I enjoy the miniscule prospect of snow. The cold is warmly invited. What I hate more than anything is how dry it is. My skin is miserable. No matter how much lotion and oil I put on it, it is dry, and it itches. It is beyond irritating. What is worse my poor baby is suffering too. The man of the house, just doesn’t care, but I feel it! Which to be honest is just as frustrating.  Winter is interfering with my sex life. Tomorrow I am off to try Eucerin arg

3 thoughts on “Winter Sucks

  1. I get the same way … every time I visit New York, my skin suffers. I found that Vaseline lotion right after a shower (pat yourself dry first) in the morning and evening, helps tremendously. Also try to cut down on your hot showers … it only aids in the drying out of your skin.

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