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A Submissive Reaction

Late last night, or early this morning rather I couldn’t sleep. I perused websites, and finally went to my e-mail where a piece of fiction was waiting for me. I read it almost hungrily, and when I was done a spark was lit and I wanted more.

Throughout the day new pieces found their way into my inbox. Each one bringing a sense of excitement and anticipation with its arrival. Leaving me with more want, and a feel of pure greed at the end.

What struck me about my reading is just how strong of an attraction is felt between a submissive and a Dominant. It is like we are drawn to them in any form, even the fictional ones. I am reading about this faceless, nameless, man. I know that he is commanding. I know that he is patient. I know that he has that voice. With those three things, I am in. I am there, I am with him and his budding sub, watching them evolve. The seduction is intoxicating.

Then in the midst of the story the Dom said two little words that sent me spiraling. “Good girl” It seems that when those two words are spoken by a Dom as a sub, I react. Whether they are said to me or not. I feel grateful, pleased,humbled, and happy that whomever is hearing them has pleased her Sir to the point that he felt inclined to utter those two words. It is such a submissive reaction.

5 thoughts on “A Submissive Reaction

  1. Strong words evoke a strong reaction…
    That reaction is innate on all subbie girls… Well at least the ones I know in person and the online ones who blog.
    Great post and I am glad you are enjoying reading the story. 🙂

    Makes me want to know more about it…

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