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Black Friday 2012

I am on one of the crazed many that looks forward to black Friday. I don’t fight, or pull, or push, or curse people out. I strategize. My mom taught me very well, and we have a perfect tradition of sitting in her bed on Thanksgiving day, and going through all the advertisements, making a quick list of items, item numbers, limited quantities, quantity limits, along with the name of the store. We then spend time checking prices and product reviews online, to see if the bargains are as good as we think they are. Then we come back to our list and revise. Then we start to plot our times, and ranks all of our items.

With the new addition of Grey Thursday, we have had to make some changes to our strategy, but we succeeded.

By far this year, my best buy was the Wii u at Sam’s club. I actually got it on their “VIP” night a few nights ago, but doing that left me all sorts of time for other stuff. First their was wal-mart at 8p for the Blu Ray Disc, then off to Old Navy. They had free Mario brothers for a $40 purchase. Well, since Old Navy is a family fave, especially for me and my boy, and they allowed us to get Old Navy gift cards, we were able to get two free Mario brothers game, and sell the second one for $40  so we got $40 in clothes for free. MWAHHAHHA it was awesome. We headed home for a few hours of sleep before getting up and tackling Academy for radar detectors, and shoes, and bikes, and workout gear, and fishing gear, and gps stuff. Academy was not nearly as crowded as I had suspected it would be, it was nice.

Then off to home depot, for more manly man stuff, and a steam mop that I wanted, but did not get. It seems I should have gone to home depot before academy, who would have thought?

After that it was time at the mall. A lot of time at the mall. Gifts, gifts, and more gifts, and coupons to use. Word from the wise, stay away from Kohls at all costs. They lure you in but the lines are always so long, that you can’t get out to go to other stores.

I felt the need to impart some wisdom. I get to play with all my new toys soon. Happy Saturday, Sunday, and cyber Monday

2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2012

  1. You know because of a certain someone I will never look at Home Depot the same way again. Hahaha
    Glad you had a good time and made some killer deals.

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