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Tipsy, yet again

So here is the deal. I found this new mexican food place. It has Tequila in the name.  It makes the best margaritas I have ever had in my life. Thankyfully I am not as out of it as last time. I am not sure if it is because I had steak tonight, or because I had just one large margarita, instead of a large and a small. I feel really good again. I am noticings that I tend to run my fingers through my hair like crazy when I have been drinking.


Moving on.

Tomorrow I have to hop on a plane to Hilton Head, to be with the wicked with of the east. (don’t tell Jackson I called his mom that)

My goodness I love this place. I feel soo good again. I am sitting on the couch with my left leg over the armrest. I want touch myself really bad, because I am all exposed, but I’d be in trouble for that. I guess I didn’t drink enough to forget all the rules my dear dom has imposed on me. SO I will just sit here wishing he was here to put his head right there, and let his tongue do that grlorious work that it does.

2 thoughts on “Tipsy, yet again

  1. Ah then we are both being denied by our Doms…
    Ok that was my nice comment what I really want to say is that I am totally visualizing you sitting on your couch, open legs, being all exposed and… Damn I need to be tipsy to finish that sentence or maybe I am just a tease. Hehehe

    You and I changed blog layouts again. Too funny!!!

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