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I am tipsy

I wrote the following while I was tipsy last night. I was glad I didn’t post it, apparently I passed out, and my dear dear fiance put my laptop away for me. Then when I read it I said, I am gonna post it anyway. It was a stupid funny when I read it today. So decided to share after all. THIS is why you shouldn’t drink and drive. . .



This feeling is great. I am sure there will be tons of errors in this post, but who cars. I feel great. I feel great because I have a guy who can get my tipsy, and will take care of me. I dont have to worry about being taken advatange of or anythong like that. I can just enjoy being pretty close to bring drunk. My hair feels really good too. I went to my lady yesterday, and she made it feel great. It feel s great.

10 thoughts on “I am tipsy

  1. Hahaha OMG!!!
    This is freaking funny!
    Thanks for making me laugh and smile really big right now!
    You are the bestest!!!


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