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IT is OVER sniff sniff

I laughed, I screamed something along the lines of “What the heck is going on!!???!! That didn’t happen in the book!!!?? That is not supposed to happen!! BURN HIM TO HELL!!!  I don’t understand!!! I am so confused!!  Then when it was all over I cried like an idiot because it was all over. Now I am gonna go have some sort of sex, is there something called sad sex, I don’t know what I am but I have a feeling an orgasm will help.

8 thoughts on “IT is OVER sniff sniff

    • lol noooo I want her to do her job as a writer beloved by the people and write more books. I am not picky, she can pick any of the characters, Id KILL for her to continue the story line brought on by Bree Tanner.That would be epic, And what is that omg someone leaked a part of the book so I am gonna throw a bitchy fit and not finish bull shit, she should finish the edward’s pov book. *sigh* I should really calm myself down

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