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He Left Me

I had finished loading the dishwasher, and continued washing the pots and pans from dinner. I thought Jackson was watching Batman with my baby boy, but he wasn’t. I felt his arms snake around me, and his lips found their way to my ear, making me grin.

“hello” his response came only in the sensation of my ear lobe, between his teeth. I moaned a little too loud considering the not too distant child.


I leaned back into him, as his right hand, splayed across my abs, moved lower, and lower. My heartbeat hastened from his touch, and finally his fingers met their destination, moving in small circles against my clitoris? I tried to be quiet, but it was torture. All too soon, his hands, and mouth were gone.

“Pick a plug for tonight,” he said walking away. I was excited immediately, getting to play during the week, and so unexpected. I finished the dishes, and continued on with my night, until I heard that occasional ring. OH No I thought.

I was right, OH NO!!. The emergency phone strikes yet again at the worst time possible. So instead of being used and wonderfully abused tonight. I am writing, before I pass out.

6 thoughts on “He Left Me

  1. Jackson’s my hero. Not only does he go save the world, he leaves behind a hot and bothered girl who’ll wait for him to return so he can find his ultimate relaxation in her arms. Now THAT’s a man’s story.

    • Reality check Ken, Jackson found a sleeping hot and bothered girl waiting for him when he got home at what I am guessing was two or three something in the morning, lol sorry to burst that fantasy 🙂 He will love that your comment though, I shall share it with him.

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