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Decisions, Decisions

We’ve finally made some decisions about our upcoming nuptials. I say, we but really it was me. 🙂 Anywho. my biggest challenge so far was trying to find a way to incorporate my man of honor on my side, when it came to the colors. So the color scheme will be black and grey with orange and white as accents. I had considered pink and white as accents, but considering we are going for a fall wedding, I felt a rustic orange would be better, even though I am in Texas and everyone will jump at Longhorn accolades. UGH this seems like a good time to shout BOOMER SOONER! Yes, that was good.

We have settled on a wedding party. I will have a matron of honor, man of honor, and one bridesmaid, Jackson will have his best man and two groomsmen. My side will be dressed in grey, while his side will be in black.

My biggest concession so far is the location. We both wanted a vineyard wedding, but I was more for making it a true destination wedding, and flying across country. Jackson however, wanted stay in the state, so we will be heading back to hill country. That of course is providing I can find a venue. Which will be the hard part I am sure. I want a full weekend wedding. I want it fairly small, and I want the whole thing to be an amazing weekend getaway for our guests. Therefore I am going to have to try to find a bed and breakfast, big enough to accommodate all of our guests for the entire weekend, and just rent the whole thing out. I have my work cut out for me there.

Couple of things I’ve learned. I hate the idea of ribbons on cakes. It destroys the look of the cake before you even cut it. Should I care since you are about to cut it?

I hate tulle, but I love what tulle can do for a dress. This makes me hang my head

I am attracted to very revealing wedding dresses, that neither my father nor my future husband would approve of.

I am just as unorthodox when it comes to bridesmaid dresses because the one dress, I’d love to see them in, is actually a wedding dress. I’d have to change the color and, I am not in love with the flare. If I choose it though, I will have to have them made, so the flare could be changed no problem right? Here is a pic I think this would look amaing in a heather or slate grey for my girls.I love the neckline, I love how sexy it is, I love the sleeve length, I just love it!  Except for the tulle. I wonder if I cut the flare off all together and change the hemline if the resulting product would kill the formality of the dress, and make it look like a hookers dress… hmm

Ok I am shutting up for now.

9 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. My opinion is your wedding and everyone should concede to your wishes regardless of how hey feel.
    Yeah right… As if. lol I am dreaming. lol

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