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Could It Really Be?

A few minutes ago I was standing outside of my boss’s office finishing a text to Jackson.  I overheard a part of his conversation with someone,that left me floored.

“What do you think your punishment should be?… too easy… no I will choose, eight don’t be late”

What the??? I keep playing it back in my head. Was it that voice? How can I know what that voice is for him? What are the odds that my boss is a dom?

I’m trying to find situations where that wording would be applicable. He doesn’t have any children. He isn’t married but he has had the same girlfriend for the last 2 years. My mind thoughts are all over the place. Back to his office I go. Hopefully I can look at him straight. 

14 thoughts on “Could It Really Be?

  1. Ha! It could be flirting, or even friendly banter (I do things like that with some of my closer friends that I have a slightly uncertain situation with) but…your hunch might just be right 😉

    • Really? Punishment for me is never friendly nor banter like Lol. Then again outside of postglow readers and my Dom, I am an undercover submissive

      • Well, okay, banter is stretching it… but I do have a couple of friends where this could work.

        Still, so exciting!

  2. Oooohhhh, a mystery…I love it…I texted Sir today to tell Him I think my co-worker, who I share an office with, might be a possible Dom…maybe he doesn’t even realize he is one, yet…there were too many parts of our conversation when I talked about Sir and myself (of course, I didn’t call Him Sir) where this guy didn’t even BLINK and he should have…

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